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Stimulating Massage

stimulating massage is a feast for your senses! An opportunity to unlock and unleash sensations never before explored. A range of manual maneuvers over more sensitive body regions.

A step forward towards a fuller and more stimulating sex life. It is more than a massage to relieve the accumulated tension. More than a massage to relax and relieve stress.


What is stimulating massage?

Stimulating massage is all types of massage that provide moments of relaxation and physical and psychological well-being, but also moments of pure pleasure.

Therefore, in this group of massages, although more therapeutic techniques may be included (for example, to relieve muscle pain), preference is given to erotic massages and sensual massages that awaken all the senses and provide unique sexual experiences or enhance sexual experiences. unforgettable moments outside the massage center.

Stimulating massage is often confused with relaxing massage, but its technique is different.

Stimulating massage is much more intense than relaxing massage and uses stronger, faster and deeper movements that activate blood circulation and metabolism in certain areas of the body, and stimulate all muscle groups and all erogenous zones.

It is true that a stimulating massage also helps to recover after a heavy physical exercise, reduces muscle tension and accumulated stress, but its focus is on providing joy and pleasure. Much pleasure!


Types of stimulating massage

There are several types of stimulating massage, capable of giving you back the lost pleasure or presenting you with a new way of being and enjoying life. Among them, we must mention:


Erotic massage

To speak of stimulating massages is to speak, first of all, of erotic massages, used since ancient times to stimulate and awaken different parts of the body and developed, over time, to respond to different therapeutic and relaxing needs.

However, the most appreciated erotic massage is one that regardless of whether it is done on the feet, hands, back, ears, legs or even genitals, is able to increase libido and facilitate orgasm.

Therefore, the function of an erotic massage is pleasure, so it has a sexual nature that makes it considered a very useful technique to foster intimacy and improve the sexual life of couples, particularly when it is done from one element to the other and vice versa.

Tantric massage

With over 4,500 years of age, tantric massage aims to help increase the body's self-knowledge, redistribute sexual energies, expand sensitivity and provide intense experiences.

Tantric massage is done on the entire body and even includes touching the genitals, but the purpose is not to get the patient to reach orgasm.

This can happen naturally, yes, but the mission of this stimulating massage is to increase the sensory perception and self-knowledge of the body and to awaken various energetic and erogenous points through touch.

The tantric massage for couples is identical to the conventional tantric massage only for two patients, at the same time and with the aim of increasing the intimacy of this couple, stimulating emotions and leading to a new level of trust, delivery and pleasure.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage or penis massage is indicated for men who wish to increase self-knowledge of their sexuality and erectility.

Like tantric massage, it does not aim at orgasm, despite loosening all pelvic tensions and enhancing an erotic trance that allows, in turn, to expand orgasmic capacity throughout the entire body!

Yoni massage

Yoni massage or vagina massage is indicated for women who want to know their body better and explore new sensations of pleasure, but it is also effective for women who need to unblock barriers to their sexuality.

The technique includes touches that release a lot of energy, intensify the production of hormones essential for libido, help to relax and give a lot of pleasure (sometimes they even give multiple orgasms).

Body to body massage

Body to body massage is a stimulating massage that, as the name implies, involves two bodies: masseuse and patient.

It differs from conventional stimulating massages in that the masseuse does not use only the hands, but the entire body (and naked) to stimulate the client, performing maneuvers, sliding his body in a sensual way over the client's body, to stimulate and awaken more sensitive areas.

Benefits of stimulating massage

  • Self-knowledge of the body;
  • Activation of various energy and erogenous points;
  • Promotion of balance and well-being;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Increased levels of oxygen in the blood;
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety levels;
  • Strengthening of the pelvic and genital muscles;
  • Increased sexual desire;
  • Recognition and control of arousal states;
  • Eradication of sexual blockages and dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and impotence;
  • Intensified production of hormones essential for libido and self-esteem;
  • Improving relationships between couples;
  • Potentiation of multiple orgasms.

If this article on stimulating massages made you curious and willing to try it, choose the most daring erotic massage and book your first session at our massage center in Genuine Tantric!