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A sports massage is essential for improving physical recovery and achieving maximum athletic performance.

Although this type of massage is perhaps best suited to all types of professional or amateur athletes, the truth is that anyone with more regular or intense physical activity can benefit from the effects of a sports massage.

Do you need to relieve tension in your body or muscle pain from intense physical exercise? Do you want to increase your physical performance? The sports massage is the solution for you.


What is a Sports massage?

Sports massage is a therapeutic technique that aims to improve the physical performance and recovery of athletes and practitioners of all kinds of physical activities.

This is possible by promoting general well-being and using techniques to relieve discomfort in certain areas of the body, particularly those most affected by muscle pain due to overuse.

Although the ultimate goal is indeed relaxation, a sports massage differs in the type of techniques used to prevent certain injuries, speed up muscle recovery, and, therefore, improve physical performance in general.

Furthermore, any sports massage is adapted to the specific needs of each person, taking into account the sport practiced. 


What is a sports massage for?

Ultimately, a sports massage helps to optimize athletic performance and promote muscle and body recovery. 

However, the purpose of a sports massage also depends on when it is given, as it can be applied before, during, or after training or a specific competition.

Finally, it should also be noted that the purpose of a sports massage also depends on the physical condition of the person or professional athlete. 

Even so, a sports massage can help:

  • Prevent injuries;
  • Recover from injuries; 
  • Improve flexibility;
  • Improve respiratory capacity;
  • Improve cardiac and vascular capacity;
  • Improve skin aesthetics and tone muscles;
  • Increase blood flow.
Sports Massage

Types of Sports Massage

The types of sports massages available to you depend directly on the moment you're in, whether in physical terms, training, or competitions.

Naturally, the strain on the body and the level of use of the body's muscles is quite different before and after training, before and after a competition, as well as before and after an injury.

In this sense, the types of sports massages vary according to the level of demand required and the training cycle in question:


Sports Massages before, during, and after a workout

Before a workout, a sports massage aims to prepare the body for the physical effort it is about to face, intending to stimulate muscles and joints, as well as increase blood flow. 

During training, a sports massage aims precisely at maintaining muscular effort. Here, the main objective is to help relieve fatigue and tension, as well as to prevent injury.

After training, the main objective is to help the body recover from the physical strain it has been subjected to, to restore balance, and to prevent possible inflammation of the muscles or even injury. 

In the case of competition, the level of a sports massage should be adapted to the situation, although with the awareness that the body is in a more demanding and intense physical phase, usually for a short period of time.

The same goes for injuries. Here, the technique applied must also be adapted not only to the context but also to the specific location of the injury to be treated.

In each of these times, specific oils or creams can be used and their pace, duration, or focus depends on each case. Naturally, the same applies to the techniques used in each session.

Even so, before starting any sports massage, it is necessary to take into account a wide variety of factors, including:

  • Common areas of tension - shoulders and back. Depending on the sport, also legs and/or arms;
  • Calendar and intensity of training and competitions - competing in a Marathon or the Olympic Games implies a different intensity of training;
  • Physical condition - weight, height, BMI, endurance, speed and flexibility tests, medical examinations, etc.;
  • Condition of the muscle tissue where the technique will be applied;
  • Type of sport practiced - the muscles used in soccer are not the same as those used in handball, for example.

Once all these conditions are met, we guarantee a unique experience and a massage session like no other.

Benefits of a Sports Massage

Taking into account the different objectives of the various types of sports massage, the benefits of a sports massage become clearer:

  • Greater awareness of your own body;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Increased body flexibility and muscle elasticity;
  • Significant reduction in joint and muscle pain;
  • Acceleration of the general recovery process;
  • Prevention of muscular problems and injuries;
  • Reduced physical and mental fatigue.

It is also important to stress the enormous psychological benefits of a sports massage. 

During and after a session at Genuine Tantric, it's not just the body that relaxes: the mind does too. 

A sports massage also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, providing well-being and happiness in the end. 


Our Sports Masseuses

At Genuine Tantric, we're sure you'll find the ideal person to perform your sports massage.

Our team of masseuses specializes in the art of relaxation and in delivering truly personalized services capable of meeting all your specific needs.

Perfectly qualified to carry out all kinds of sports massages, at Genuine Tantric you will find a series of friendly and attentive professionals and an atmosphere of total comfort and confidence. 


Sports Massages in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro

Genuine Tantric currently has five sports massage centers throughout the country, including in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro.

In Lisbon, you can find us in the Chiado or Saldanha area; in Porto, we're in the Trindade area and, in Faro, in the Portimão area. 

We also have a presence in Leiria, on Avenida Heróis de Angola. 

Get in touch with us and book a unique and personalized relaxation session now.