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Yoni massage is the art of exploring female pleasure, whose origins lie in the ancient practices and traditions of Tantrism.

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in various alternative forms of wellness practice, one of which is, precisely, the Yoni massage.

Yoni massage is a female massage and intimate practice that focuses on self-exploration and getting to know your own body to provide new sensations of pleasure, increasing female pleasure and emotional well-being.


What is Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage is a female tantric massage, whose term derives from Sanskrit and describes the sacred space of a woman's vulva.

In this sense, the Yoni massage is the act of massaging and stimulating a woman's body, creating a deep connection between feminine energy and her innate sensuality.


The aim is total relaxation and activation of the whole body, starting from the central pelvic region.


Through physical touch, performed in a safe and stimulating space for exploring the body and pleasure, Yoni massage helps to release any energetic or emotional blockages and guarantee a truly rejuvenating holistic treatment.


What is the origin of the Yoni massage?

The origins of the Yoni massage can be found in ancient Tantric practices, whose philosophy understands the art of pleasure as a way of renewing spiritual energy that contributes to one's personal and emotional growth.


In this tantric tradition, Yoni massage is described as a ritual that honors feminine energy and helps women reconnect with their nature.


Naturally, Yoni massage has transformed over the centuries, evolving to include different techniques and other approaches that combine not only the elements of tantra, but also bodywork and modern relaxation practices.


Yoni massage techniques

Yoni massage techniques promote a deeply personal experience. For this reason, a high degree of trust and communication will always be required to carry them out.

Although each experience is truly unique and exclusive to the person, the session usually follows a relatively common line which involves:


Breathing Techniques

To put the woman in a meditative spiritual state, it is normal for the session to begin with some light deep breathing exercises, in order to create a connection between body and mind.


External and internal stimulation techniques

Next, the Yoni massage begins, with gentle hand movements along the body and around the intimate area to awaken sensitivity and increase blood flow.

Slowly but progressively, some massage and internal stimulation techniques are introduced, aimed at intensely releasing the emotions accumulated there, causing pleasure, and renewing the body's total energy.

To this end, it is important to emphasize the need for communication, trust, and safety between those involved, to ensure the most comfortable experience possible.

At the same time, it should also be noted that moments of pleasure are truly unique. So it's only natural that the experience will vary from person to person too.

Yoni Massage

Benefits of Yoni Massage

Taking into account the method, technique and objectives of a Yoni massage, its benefits are now easier to understand.

Whether in emotional or physical terms, one of the main benefits of a Yoni massage is the sensation of pleasure and release it brings to a woman.

At the same time, a Yoni massage also helps to improve pelvic health, as it promotes increased blood circulation in the intimate area and helps to reduce the tension that could have been building within the intimate zones of the woman.

And since the experience requires touch, there is also a contribution to improving a woman's body awareness which, by reconnecting with her own most intimate sensations and desires, allows her to accept herself as she is.

Of course, for all these reasons, Yoni massage is an excellent way to induce the body into deep relaxation, resulting in a feeling of real well-being, without any stress or anxiety.

Yoni massage contraindications

Yoni massage has no contraindications for practitioners, although some conditions make it an inappropriate experience at certain stages of life. These are:

  • During pregnancy;
  • During menstruation;
  • Infections or skin rashes.

During pregnancy, Yoni massage is not recommended, especially without the supervision of a health professional.

During menstruation, the practice is also inadvisable, not only because of personal preferences, but mainly because of hygiene and safety issues – the same reason why Yoni massage is not recommended in cases of infection or skin rashes.

On the other hand, what is always recommended during a Yoni massage session is the guidance of an experienced professional, such as those you'll find at Genuine Tantric.

At our locations across Portugal, you'll find a safe and supportive place to practice Yoni, so that you can reconnect with your body, your emotions, and your spiritual energy.