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Only for women! Yoni Massage is for ladies who want to explore their body knowledge, new sensations of pleasure or simply need to unlock barriers to their sexuality.


What is Yoni Massage?

It is an unlocking method that aims to help women who still have difficulty reaching orgasm. It is a body development work, where the goal is to show the real female potential and promote deep self-knowledge and not looking for something that is familiar.

The maneuvers used in a massage center Genuine Tantric release a huge amount of energy, inhibit the containment reflex, help relax and live a new and intense sexual experience.


What are the main benefits of Yoni Massage?

  • Unlocking, self-awareness, relaxation and pleasure.
  • Intensification of the production of fundamental hormones for libido and self-esteem.
  • Toning of intravaginal muscles and clitoris.
  • Promotion of multiple orgasms.
  • Healing of psychological trauma.

The Origin of Yoni Massage

Originally, Yoni, meaning "source of life" or "sacred temple," is the symbol of female energy. It is also the Sanskrit word for "vagina" and, in this context, acquires the meaning of "place of birth".

In this sense, yoni massages are made only for women who want to explore their body knowledge, pleasure sensations or even to unlock barriers to their sexuality, body and pleasure.

This is a technique practiced for more than 4,000 years, originating in the Tantra philosophy.


Yoni Massage’s Purpose

Like Lingam massage, the goal is to remove the sexual nature of the touch, and we advise women to not seek or be in a hurry to achieve orgasm during the session.

Among the many objectives of the Yoni massage, we stand out:

  • To develop new possibilities of pleasure, under a new self-perspective (with awareness of ourselves, our body and sensations felt);
  • Provide sensory development, capable of agreeing mechanisms linked to supraconsciousness, growth, expansion and altered states of consciousness.
  • Promote the experience of multiple orgasms;
  • To give the woman greater awareness of her body, through the touch and discovery of new sensations, throughout the body, including Yoni; 
  • Recognition of their sensory and orgasmic potential;

This is the experience of a total, physical, emotional, and spiritual ecstasy, where there is no longer separation and where unity takes place: Unyo Mystica.