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With a Nuru massage, you can discover the sensation of absolute pleasure at Genuine Tantric.

Nuru massage is something that transcends the limits of conventional relaxation. It is part of the tantric massage range and is one of the body-to-body methods most used by our masseuses.

What sets the experience of a Nuru massage apart from other sensual therapies at Genuine Tantric is the use of a very, very special lotion: Nuru gel.

This gel, whose name means "slippery", takes the experience of a Nuru massage to a new level, in a unique immersion of pleasure and connection. 


What is a Nuru Massage?

A Nuru massage is a sensory experience that stands out from all other types of tantric massage.

Whether it's a tantric massage, a relaxation massage, or any other type of massage, our masseuses and therapists use a series of essential oils - usually hot - on the areas of the body where the massage is applied.

In a Nuru massage, instead of an essential oil, one should use nuru gel - precisely the gel that gives the experience its name.

This is an exclusive gel whose main ingredient is seaweed and whose therapeutic effect is considered to be extremely relaxing. However, there is another property associated with nuru gel that redefines the whole experience: its "slippery" effect.

It is this slippery effect that allows the bodies to glide smoothly during the Nuru massage.

It is a body-to-body massage. 

To encourage the bodies to interact, both the client and the masseuse or therapist apply a generous dose of this gel all over the body. 

From the very first moment, a nuru massage creates an intimate bond between those involved, transforming every second into a unique experience of pleasure and sensuality.

It's a true body-to-body experience, in which all barriers crumble so that the true essence of touch can be revealed.


How is Nuru Massage done?

Nuru massage is based on the properties of the slippery gel. Applying it to the body, immediately triggers a series of erotic sensations that stimulate the senses and deepen the connection between the masseuse and the client. 

During a session, the experience focuses on the smooth sliding of bodies and a total interaction that not only promotes relaxation but also paves the way for an unparalleled sensual and sensory experience.

The Nuru Massage

Benefits of Nuru Massage

The benefits of Nuru massage are multiple and can range from the release of stress and the promotion of total relaxation to the most diverse sensations of pleasure. The benefits of Nuru massage include:

  • Greater Sexual Sensation:
    a Nuru massage awakens all your senses and amplifies the body's sensory response for a more intense experience;
  • Giving and Receiving Pleasure:
    during the experience, there is a deep connection that promotes the exchange of mutual pleasure;
  • Stress Release:
    the interaction of the bodies and the gentle touches, together with the benefits of the therapeutic gel and the mastery of the masseurs, help relieve stress and provide a greater sense of tranquillity;
  • Promoting Relaxation:
    the experience should be understood as a journey aimed at relaxing the body and mind, releasing any accumulated tension, and inducing a state of calm;

  • Helping to Spice Up the Relationship:
    Nuru massage can help revitalize a couple's intimacy and strengthen emotional bonds.


Who is Nuru Massage suitable for?

Nuru massage is suitable for anyone who is looking for a sensual experience that goes beyond what might be considered conventional.

For those who are looking to explore and discover new frontiers of sensuality and pleasure, this is the most suitable body-to-body massage. 

What's more, Nuru massage can be a shared experience as a couple and an ideal choice for all kinds of couples who want to intensify their intimate relationship or revitalize the passion in their relationship.


Where does Nuru massage come from?

Unlike most tantric massages, the origin of nuru massage lies in the city of Kawasaki in Japan. The Japanese word "nuru" is at the root of the name of the massage and the gel used to perform it.

Nuru means, precisely, "slippery" or "soft" - two fundamental characteristics for the experience of a nuru massage - a Japanese tradition appreciated all over the world. 


Where to get a Nuru Massage?

Genuine Tantric is a specialized massage center that combines tradition and innovation. 

With locations in Lisbon (Chiado and Saldanha), Porto, Faro (Portimão), and Leiria, simply contact us to book your Nuru massage session for an authentic and innovative experience.

To make your well-being truly genuine, you can count on a personalized transport service (by reservation) and our special treats: enjoy a glass of champagne and treat yourself to tea and cookies after the experience.