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7 . 5 . 2023Types of Massages

Associated with sex? Yes, it is true that the so-called Parlor Massage can enhance multiple orgasms, but it is also an excellent way to combat stress and anxiety

8 . 4 . 2023Types of Massages

Prostate massage consists of the sexual act that involves the introduction of fingers and / or sexual stimulator into the anal orifice during the sexual act.

11 . 3 . 2023Types of Massages

Don't postpone it anymore! If you would like to have a tantric massage in Lisbon, learn to expand your sexual energy and experience intense orgasms, book a session now.

4 . 1 . 2023Types of Massages

Exotic massage is based on the use of massage techniques in the erogenous zones to intensify its sexual excitation in order to reach orgasm.

9 . 8 . 2022Types of Massages

The Yoni massage is a massage for women and aims at self-knowledge. It is ideal for increasing sexual awareness and rejuvenation of mind and body

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