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Parlor Massage

Associated with sex? Yes, it is true that the so-called Parlor Massage can enhance multiple orgasms, but it is also an excellent way to combat stress and anxiety, to promote well-being and, of course, to get to know your body, activate erogenous points, break sexual blockages, control erection and explore incredible sensations! That's why they call it the massage with a happy ending.


What is Parlor Massage?

Although the term was once used as a euphemism for brothel, today the term Massage Parlor means "only" a massage parlor that provides therapies aimed at the wellbeing of the individual. In other words, a place where therapeutic services are provided, including erotic massages performed by certified masseuses, but without disguising as massage therapy some kind of illicit sex, as may have happened centuries ago.

Does Parlor Massage also help to relax? Of course it does, but the main mission of Parlor Massage is to improve circulation, redistribute sexual energies, and help men and women to know themselves, to free themselves, to discover themselves and others.

In this way, Parlor Massage releases repressed or unknown sensations and emotions and opens up the experience of unrestrained sexuality, even leading to multiple orgasms!


Types of Parlor Massages

There are different types of Parlor massages or spicy massages, most of them based on the Tantric philosophy that since ancient times stimulates the contact with the "inner self" to provide moments of pleasure and ecstasy, more focused on the emotional and mental than on the physical part.


Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a penis massage that, although not aimed at ejaculation, offers a new, more intense form of pleasure because it releases pelvic tensions and expands the orgasmic capacity throughout the body.

It is not, however, masturbation. This Parlor Massage belongs to the group of tantric therapies that relax and trigger an erotic trance with the intention of improving the erectility and sexual performance of the patients.


Yoni Massage

The yoni massage is a vagina massage recommended for women who want to explore their body and experience new sensations of pleasure... or for women who wish to end the difficulty in reaching orgasm, as it is a Parlor therapeutic massage that unblocks barriers to sexuality.

This therapy acts in the process of draining liquids and humidifying the vagina, by means of alternating touches between pelvis, groin, vulva, external and internal lips, and perineum.


Body to body Massage

Body to body massage, as the name implies, is a Parlor Massage in which the masseuse uses the entire, naked body to stimulate the patient, with the aim of awakening the most sensitive areas and creating a sense of well-being and pleasure.

Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is a body to body massage where a very special and slippery lotion is used, the Nuru gel, which has therapeutic and relaxing effects that allow the bodies (of the masseuse and the patient) to glide better.


4-Hand Massage

The 4-hand massage is performed simultaneously by two masseuses, one on the right and one on the left side of the patient, through synchronized movements that provide complete relaxation throughout the body and an altered state of consciousness.


Tantric massage for couples

Tantric massage for couples is performed on two people at the same time, but more than a sexual massage, it is a therapy that serves to improve sex life and increase intimacy by sharing new experiences and sensations that create a new level of trust.


Advantages of Parlor Massage

The benefits of Parlor Massage can be noticed and observed during the first session of therapy, but are usually more evident with repeated practice:

  • Self-knowledge of the body.
  • Exploration and intensification of sensations and emotions.
  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety levels.
  • Strengthening of several muscles, namely pelvic and genital.
  • Activation of various energetic and erogenous points.
  • Eradication of blockages, traumas and sexual dysfunctions.
  • Resolution of problems such as premature ejaculation and impotence.
  • Help in controlling erection and ejaculation time.
  • Promotion of multiple, dry and ejaculatory orgasms. 
  • Intensified production of hormones fundamental to libido.
  • Improvement of couple relationships.
  • Sensation of total relaxation.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Promotion of balance and well-being.


Where to get a Parlor Massage?

It is not difficult to find a place where you can have Parlor massages because the offer in terms of massage parlors in Portugal is vast. However, you should choose a place that besides relaxation and pleasure, offers safety, quality and confidentiality, like Genuine Tantric: a massage parlor with a team specialized in erotic therapies and massages!

If you live or work in Porto you can book your first spicy massage at Genuine Tantric Trindade, Rua Fernandes Tomás nº 875. If you are in Lisbon, you have two Parlor massage centers available in the heart of the city: Genuine Tantric Chiado and Genune Tantric Saldanha.???????

Regardless of the location, Genuine Tantric's massage centers always offer a warm, refined and sensual environment and a complete massage service: from erotic massages with a happy ending to sports and relaxing massages!