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4-Hand Massage

Women love it because it relaxes while working on lymphatic drainage and reduces measurements. Nor do men go without a 4-handed massage that can invigorate and excite them like no other. And you, dare to experiment?

Seeing is believing! The experience ends the strangeness in relation to this unique technique of 4-hand massage, with two masseuses running through your body at the same time, to give you new sensations that will take you to heaven, where you will have a good time dancing with the angels.

And when you go down to earth, you will feel a physical, mental, spiritual and even sexual well-being ... indescribable.

And otherwise it couldn't be because if two hands work magic, imagine four!


What is 4-hand massage?

4-hand massage is a technique based on Ayurveda philosophy, widely recognized in the field of holistic medicine for its constant search for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

It is performed simultaneously by two therapists or masseuses, using synchronized movements on the right side (one therapist) and on the patient's left side (the other therapist) to provide complete relaxation throughout the entire body.

The movements of the 4-hand massage are slow and involve different rhythms and pressures according to the style and purpose of the massage, since there are several different types of massage with four hands.

In some, massage therapists perform the same movements, in others they dedicate themselves, each to a specific area of the patient's body to provide maximum well-being. In any case, for those who receive it, a four-hand massage is always a type of two full-body massages that cause double relaxation, since they work on both sides of the brain.

That is, as the hemispheres of the body are massaged simultaneously by two masseuses, the patient's brain is unable to follow or predict the next touch, and given the difficulty in processing the information, he ends up giving up and allowing himself to be taken to an altered state of conscience: between your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground!

Tantric massage with 4 hands

It is liberating. It's exciting. It's exciting. It means having two masseuses performing a Tantric Massage at the same time, slowly touching all areas of your body, including the most intimate ones!

To stimulate all your senses, to awaken dormant erogenous zones, to provide maximum pleasure. Such is the 4-hand tantric massage in Porto. A massage where you will not be able to predict the next touch!

And if you want to further enhance that state of deep relaxation combined with discovery and excitement, try a Lingam Massage (massage on the vagina) or Yoni Massage on 4 hands (massage on the penis) to unblock, get to know your body better and get all the potential, living a new and intense sexual experience!

Book your first 4-hand tantric massage session now!


4-hand massage technique

Traditionally, the 4-hand massage technique is based on synchronized and equal movements, on the right and left side of the patient's body, performed through the pressure of the masseuses' hands, which naturally implies some training so that the patient feels that is being played by one person, but with four hands!

As a general rule, and although the 4-hand massage movements are slow and long, different rhythms and pressures (from stronger to softer) and Swedish massage techniques are used: for example, while on the right side, the masseuse begins to work the shoulder and go down to the right foot, the masseuse on the left side, starts at the foot and goes up to the left shoulder, both of which are in the waist area, leaving the patient's brain in a frenzy!

And that's not all! The main differential of the 4-hand massage technique compared to other types of massage, is the fact that it works with lymphatic drainage which contributes to the improvement of circulation and reduction of localized fats, namely cellulite.

It should also be noted that in the 4 hand massage it is always possible to adapt the session to the specific needs or desires of the patient, and each massage therapist can focus on a different body area.

For example, one masseuse works the top and the other the lower part of the client's body or a masseuse does the Swedish massage and the other reflexology. Or both perform a tantric massage! Why not?

Furthermore, as the 4-hand massage seeks to combine different styles of massage, it can be accompanied by aromatherapy with relaxing essential oils and ambient music, for example, for total muscle relaxation, among other benefits that we will talk about below.


Benefits of 4-hand massage

In the case of a massage performed by two people at the same time, the benefits of a four-hand massage can outweigh the benefits of the same massage performed only by a masseuse or therapist, as the level of relaxation is also twice as high!

  • Promotes a feeling of deep relaxation;
  • Activates blood circulation;
  • Reduces muscle tension;
  • Relieves headaches and muscle pain;
  • Decreases cellulite and eliminates excess fat;
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tiredness;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • It gives a full feeling of physical and mental well-being.


4-hand massage in Porto

Imagine two masseuses, one on the right and the other on the left, in a kind of choreographed and synchronized massage, sliding your hands over your body and providing you with double relaxation ...

You don't need to continue imagining! It's time to experiment! Whether it's a relaxing, energizing or erotic massage, just look for a 4-hand massage in Porto to enjoy a unique feeling of well-being!

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