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Swedish Massage

If you usually experience muscle pain after playing sports or tension due to accumulated stress, try a Swedish massage! You don't need to travel to the Scandinavian Peninsula, because this therapy has long been popularized in the seven corners of the world.

The excellent results in promoting physical and mental health in general, and more specific in balancing the body and improving blood circulation, make it one of the favorite relaxation massages for athletes and SPA clients.


What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a type of massage whose main objective is to relax the muscles, favoring the patient's physical and emotional health.

It is one of the most suitable relaxation massages for those who feel stress and/or pain and want to enter this wonderful therapeutic world and then leave relaxed, calm, in a good mood and breathe health through every pore!

In fact, a Swedish massage, with its different techniques to relieve tension, is perfect for relaxing, but it also improves blood flow, cardiovascular activity and even helps to shorten recovery time in case of muscle, stimulating or tissue injuries with excess of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic changes.

There are two main types of relaxation massages in Swedish massage: relaxing therapy and sports massage.

The first one deals with back, neck and head pain, torticollis and low back pain, among other problems. Sports massage is indicated for the relief of muscle injuries caused by physical exercise.

Swedish massage origin

Swedish massage was created and developed by Swedish doctor Henrik Ling, considered the father of modern physical education. Its purpose was to relieve muscle tension caused by physical exercises and stress, allowing sportspeople to improve quickly and return to sport almost immediately.

Henrik Ling was a sportsman and it was his taste for physical activity that led him to research ancient massage styles (Roman, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Arabic ...) to combat muscle fatigue. Result? He ended up rediscovering the relaxing massages developed in ancient Greece.

In fact, in 400 b.C, Hippocrates (acclaimed father of medicine) indicates that massage was used by doctors as a way of healing and later, in 100 a.D, Galenos (acclaimed father of human anatomy) wrote a book on the healing force of the massage.

Henrik Ling, for his part, brings back, with all his enthusiasm, the relaxing massage, inventing the so-called Swedish massage, based on a series of techniques based on the movements used by the ancient Greeks. Techniques with French designations, which we will talk about below!

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Swedish Massage techniques

At first glance, the Swedish therapeutic massage method seems to be based on smooth and superficial movements, but in fact its techniques can also be vigorous. To perform this type of massage it is necessary to combine sliding, pressure, percussion and friction touches, separately or combined with each other.

Know the main techniques of the Swedish massage method:


Effleurage (sliding)

The masseuse gently touches the skin with long, continuous movements that generate heat and release muscle tension.


Petrissage (kneading)

The masseuse applies a deeper movement, of pressure on the skin, to generate, in turn, pressure on the muscles and relieve tension, decongesting the tissues, eliminating toxins and improving the flow of fluids.


Tapotement (beats)

The masseuse performs a rhythmic percussion, using the outer side of the hand, to tone the muscles and eliminate toxins, stimulating neural activity and providing muscle relaxation.

In addition to effleurage, petrissage and tapotement, the Swedish massage method includes frictional movements and oscillatory movements of vibration to warm up the muscles and help to relax, as well as traction movements, at the end of the therapeutic massage, to stretch legs, arms and even head.


What is Swedish massage good for?

A Swedish massage serves to expel lactic acid from muscle fibers. In other words, serve to help people with muscle pain and tension by relaxing their muscles.

As your movements are performed meaninglessly in the blood flow, this is one of the best relaxation massages to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. And in this way promote the patient's physical and emotional health!


Swedish massage benefits

Swedish massage is a therapy that helps the patient to relax the muscles through friction movements made with the hands. But this is not the only benefit! There are other advantages of this therapeutic massage that are worth highlighting:

  • Expulsion of lactic acid from muscle fibers;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Increased lymphatic circulation;
  • Strengthening of the immune system;
  • Improvement of the digestive system;
  • Reduction of muscle pain;
  • Rapid muscle recovery;
  • Relief from cramps and swelling;
  • Promotion of good posture;
  • Increased physical balance;
  • Decreased stress;
  • Prevention of insomnia;
  • Emotional well-being and general well-being;
  • Elimination of harmful toxins;
  • Greater and better flexibility.


Swedish massage contraindications

Despite the clear advantages of Swedish therapeutic massage, the truth is that this therapy - by activating circulation and increasing blood pressure - is not indicated for patients suffering from heart problems, acute inflammation, hemorrhagic, cancerous diseases, trauma with open wounds , phlebitis, thrombosis and varicose veins, internal ulcers, acute rheumatic diseases and capillary and skin problems.

Do you have any health problems and are you prepared to try relaxing massages? Great! It's in the right place! At Genuine Tantric your physical and mental health is a priority, which is why we offer several types of relaxation massages, including Swedish massage, with highly effective effects in the treatment of muscle tension!