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9 . 8 . 2022Types of Massages

The Yoni massage is a massage for women and aims at self-knowledge. It is ideal for increasing sexual awareness and rejuvenation of mind and body

4 . 7 . 2022Types of Massages

Facial massage is a type of facial massage composed of manual maneuvers that improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and reduce flaccidity.

17 . 6 . 2022Types of Massages

Bioenergetic massage is intended to improve the circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems. Emotionally, it releases accumulated tensions and lets energy flow.

6 . 1 . 2022Types of Massages

Deep Tissue Massage, or deep massage, is a technique that, as the name implies, aims to deeply relax muscles and fibrous tissues.

3 . 12 . 2021Types of Massages

Hot towel massage, is a massage technique, also called Kiberon, that uses moist, heated towels and aims to calm the nervous system

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