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Prostate Massage

Benefits of Massage in the Prostate

  • With stimulation in the prostate it is possible to create an intense orgasm, in order to eliminate the rest of the liquid present in the channels, combining the pain of the ejaculation;
  • Prostate massage improves sexual impotence, making the man maintain an erection with greater ease;
  • Reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer because it improves blood circulation;
  • Inflammation of the prostate can be relieved by massage into the prostate as it activates blood circulation and decreases the flow of this gland.


How to stimulate the prostate?

To initiate prostate stimulation, it is necessary for the man to be relaxed for the introduction of one or more fingers. To help this process it is important to use a lubricant and preliminaries so that the stimulation is pleasurable.