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Penis Massage

Do you like improving your sex life? Take more pleasure from intimacy? Energize your body and mind? And even treat sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation or impotence? Try a penis massage!


What is Penis Massage?

Penis massage has immense advantages for men. Yes, it is true that you can reach orgasm during the session - and more than once! - but this technique is not just about sex. The main benefit is to enable the channeling of energies (sexual, emotional and psychological) towards a unique physical experience.

In between you will still be able to relax, feel a lot of pleasure, control and affect, prolong the action and even treat some sexual dysfunction.

For this reason, we propose you to read this article, where you can find out everything about penis massage, a highly sensual technique that can help to increase self-confidence and reach the full self-knowledge of your sexuality.


Origin of Penis Massage

To speak of the origin of penis massage or lingam massage is to speak of the Hindu peoples of Sanskrit origin who more than 1000 years ago used the word “lingam” to designate the male genitals and used this technique to diffuse the male energy and to exalt the divinity of Shiva (God of Hinduism).

The lingam, considered a pillar of support for Shiva, or his phallus, was for Hindus the representation of creation and fertility and had a sacred character.

Therefore, there is no strictly sexual connotation in penis massage. The technique was intended - and still is today - for men who wish to reach the full self-knowledge of their body and their sexuality, and to explore new sensations!

Purpose of Penis Massage

Contrary to what one might think, the goal of lingam massage is not to reach orgasm. Of course, the most likely thing is that you end up ejaculating, yes, without any constraints between masseuse and patient, but this is not about masturbation. The purpose of these massages for men is therapeutic and not sexual.

This therapy aims to respond to the needs of each man in a unique way, promoting a delivery to a new form of pleasure, releasing all pelvic tensions and improving erectility and sexual performance. 

During the process, the patient enters a kind of erotic trance that will allow him to expand his orgasmic capacity throughout the body!

That is why - and for that - the massage on the penis tries to disconnect from pleasure only in the genital area to seek a greater energetic relationship between body and mind.


Penis massage and masturbation

You should not confuse penis massage with masturbation, because - it never hurts to repeat - the purpose of lingam massage is not ejaculation.

On the contrary, this technique has as one of its main objectives, helping the patient to control erection and orgasm, while masturbation has the sole purpose of orgasm, ejaculation, that is, the release of sexual tension.

Hence, while in this massage for men each movement has a spiritual and physical purpose, in masturbation the movements do not obey any technique nor are they concerned with the other emotional feelings of the patient.

In other words, unlike masturbation, male lingam massage causes states of perception and consciousness to rise to levels never before experienced through masturbation.

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Penis Massage Technique

The hands are the basis of the penis massage technique. They are used to perform the lingam massage through common movements in tantric massages that unblock the energy and then conduct it throughout the entire body of the man.

Therefore, this male massage does not focus exclusively on the penis, as it is usually started with a relaxation massage for the whole body with its own oils.

After the accumulated tensions are relieved and the patient is relaxed, then the massage therapist moves on to the penis massage (also in the perineum and testicles) developed specifically for each patient, helping to discover and enjoy new sensations during muscle toning, during the delay of ejaculation and during the prolongation of the erection.

In fact, the gentle movements of the masseuse can change the state of the penis from erect to flaccid during these massages for men: with uniform hand pressure at the base of the patient's penis and working the movement slowly upwards, releasing it rhythmically and then starting with movements down, in the opposite direction.


Benefits of Penis Massage

The practice of tantra improves the perception of the body in a complete and natural way and therefore leads to a state of tranquility and happiness, but the benefits of penis massage in particular, are mainly related to the improvement of sexual performance.

  • Awakens energetic awareness and dormant sensory zones;
  • Relaxes and promotes well-being;
  • Improved self-knowledge of the body;
  • Makes genital muscle tone;
  • Extends erection time;
  • Slows ejaculation;
  • It leads the patient to discover new ways to reach orgasm;
  • Enables multiple orgasms, including dry orgasms;
  • Enables the resolution of sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation and impotence;
  • Improves libido and sexual performance;
  • Increases self-confidence.