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Balinese Massages

The secret to traveling to Bali without leaving Lisbon? Balinese Massages! And it's not such a secret secret! It has already been discovered by thousands of people who, regardless of whether they have visited an Indonesian island or not, frequently visit (yes, yes!), spas and massage centers in Lisbon that offer exoticism and tranquility.

How do they do it? Through a dim light, the effect of candles, the smell of aromatic essences, the gliding of perfumed oils to the sound of soft music and, of course, the skillful movements through the patient's body for a feeling of total relaxation... as if vacation!

Based on Asian therapies, Balinese massages in Lisbon are known for their high power of relaxation, one of the best remedies to reduce stress, dissolve deep tensions and harmonize energy in body and mind.

All through pressure and manual movements that favor the activation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation, and at the same time regenerate the skin!


What are Balinese massages?

 As the name suggests, Balinese massages are massages originating from the island of Bali that drink from ancient massages inspired by traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, but also by Chinese acupressure.

These therapeutic palm massages include aromatherapy, reflexology, stretching, and the use of essential oils to stimulate circulation, the lymphatic system and body tissues.

The aim is to improve general well-being, eliminate deeper tensions in the muscle tissue and, of course, lead to a total relaxation of the body and mind which, in turn, leads to a state of harmony.

In fact, Balinese massage can be defined as a kind of mixture of different techniques that are harmonized in a single treatment.

A treatment that is also used as a beauty ritual, as Balinese massages leave patients feeling prettier and healthier, inside and out! Hence, Indonesian beauty treatments - formerly practiced in royal palaces - are also part of the Balinese massage experience in Lisbon!


How did Balinese massage come about?

Balinese massage originated on the island of Bali. Indonesian mythology says that it was the goddess of beauty Laksmí who, with her four arms, transmitted the technique of this massage to the Balinese and that is why manual pressure is used, made with fingers and palms on the patient's body.

Indicated or not by the goddess of beauty, the truth is that Balinese massage is one of the oldest traditional massage techniques in Indonesia, although it consists of a combination of several other techniques and practices (equally ancient), such as Ayurvedic massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy and reflexology.


More information about ayurvedic massage?

Balinese massage works the body's meridian lines. Therefore, it is important to realize that the Balinese believed and still believe that, in order to reach this state of total relaxation, blood, oxygen and energy must flow freely.

As freely as the great flow of spice trade between India and China, which eventually enabled the discovery of new knowledge that improved Balinese massage and incorporated medicinal oils and herbs into therapy that made it one of the most exotic massages in the world.

As exotic as the island that named it! Still, traditional Balinese medicine was only first mentioned by W. Weck, a Dutch physician, in the 1930s.

To date it was successfully practiced in Bali, but its style had never been documented.

Today Balinese massages are very popular, tourists on Bali holidays can't resist them… but you don't have to travel so far to experience it!

You can have a Balinese massage in Genuine Tantric for physical and spiritual healing.

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Balinese Massage Technique

Balinese massage includes techniques that work most of the body's muscles, increasing blood flow and energy, based on traditional Ayurvedic medicine that teaches a holistic healing system to restore balance between body and mind.

The most used technique in Balinese massage is acupressure, which, by using more pressure than other forms of massage, makes a Balinese massage more demanding for the muscles and more relaxing, especially if it is performed in a spa or a Balinese massage center.

In addition to acupressure, this massage incorporates reflexology, stretching and some yoga principles, focusing on specific points on the body to remove tension and relieve pain.

  • Basically, Balinese massages use a combination of techniques and movements to increase blood flow and release energy:
  • long gliding movements (similar to Ayurvedic);
  • pressure movements (similar to shiatsu), including knuckle palm pressure on the energy lines of the body; muscle stretches and twists;
  • kneading to reach deeper muscle tissues and foot reflexology, among other Balinese massage techniques.

Balinese massages in Lisbon - and in other parts of the country and the world - can also include the use of stones and crystals to rebalance energy or essential oils to add a touch of aromatherapy, regenerate the skin and maximize the feeling of well-being and relaxation .


Benefits of Balinese Massages

It is the countless benefits of Balinese massages that make them stand out from the huge group of massages that exist today.

All because traditional Indonesian massages help to open energy channels in order to absorb good energy and expel bad energy, with the aim of achieving a state of total harmony.

  • Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system;
  • Favors a good heart rate;
  • Decreases muscle and joint pain;
  • Increases body flexibility;
  • Tones muscles;
  • Helps treat allergies and respiratory problems;
  • Reduces cellulite;
  • Helps with weight loss;
  • Reduces stress and accumulated tension;
  • Relieves anxiety;
  • Combat states of depression;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Reduces headaches and migraines;
  • Improves mood;
  • Improves concentration and memory;
  • Harmonizes mind and body.


Contraindications to Balinese Massage

Before having a Balinese massage in Lisbon, and enjoying all or at least some of the benefits of the Balinese massages we have just mentioned, it is a good idea to consult your doctor or therapist to see if this type of therapy is right for you.

There are contraindications for Balinese massage. For example, it is not indicated for pregnant women, people with muscle or joint injuries or hernias, with heart problems, hypertension, recently operated or under pharmacological treatment.

No contraindications? Excellent! Feel invited to discover the Genuine Tantric and experience a Balinese massage… or any other type of massage! Discover our offer!