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Massage for Woman

Are you part of the group of women who enjoy massages? Of course, because there is no group of women who do not like massages! So, stop here because in this article we will talk about massage for woman.

Let's talk about pampering, caresses, stimuli, sensations that move the female universe!

From feeling relaxed after a tiring day at work to waking up from erogenous zones before returning home! Read on and learn how to make the most of being born a woman.


What is Massage for Women?

Massage for women is any type of massage designed and performed for women, taking into account the specifics of the female organism, but also the emotions, feelings and tensions of women.

Besides, and regardless of the massage for the chosen woman, the masseuse or therapist will always apply, through the hands, some pressure in several areas of the body (or in only one area) in a gentle or strong way, in order to relax, relax, relieve pain and tension in the muscles and / or sexually stimulate the patient by massaging the genitals.

Types of female massages

There are several types of female massages that focus on different parts of the body and have different techniques and goals. Some promote balance and well-being, others awaken dormant sensory regions.

Then there are those that offer a new and intense sexual experience that can include multiple orgasms, and those that help with muscle relaxation and pain relief. Come and meet them!


Tantric massage

Tantric massage for women is a massage that focuses on the redistribution of the body's sexual energies, by expanding sensitivity and providing intense experiences.

It is performed through subtle maneuvers with the hands in order to stimulate the sensory channels of the woman's body to awaken the senses, spread energy and help to identify the most sensitive areas of the body.

In tantric massage for women, the patient can reach orgasm, but the goal is only to increase the sensory perception and self-knowledge of the body, strengthen the muscles, namely pelvic and genitals, and activate various energetic and erogenous points.

Ultimately, this massage for women promotes balance and well-being, improves sexual relationships and eradicates blockages and dysfunctions related to sex.


Sensory massage

Sensory massage for women is performed through stimuli over the entire body based on long, but very light and subtle maneuvers, done with the fingertips to promote increased energy and awaken sensations.

This is one of the types of massages for women recommended for those who need to dissolve blockages and treat psychological and emotional traumas that may be blocking the flow of energy and consequently the orgasmic experience.

Like the sleeping sensory regions, a sensory massage is also affected by the patient's energy, especially sexual energy, and increases according to his possibilities of pleasure and extension, his massage centers and forums, his intimacy with a sexual partner.

However, sensory massage also has excellent results in relieving muscle tension, fatigue and pain and also in improving blood circulation, among other benefits.


Yoni massage

The yoni massage is a type of massage exclusively for women and that because it involves touching the vagina.

It is indicated for those who want to know their body better and explore new sensations of pleasure, but it is also extremely effective for women who need to unblock barriers to their sexuality, for example women who still have difficulty reaching orgasm.

The yoni massage includes manual maneuvers that release an enormous amount of energy, intensify the production of hormones essential for libido, inhibit restraint, promote self-knowledge, help you relax and give pleasure.

In fact, they even give you a new and intense sexual experience that can include multiple orgasms!

Learn more about the Yoni Massage for women only!


Relaxing massage

The hustle and bustle of modern life combined with poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise, generates stress and anxiety in many women and as a consequence, creates muscle tension that causes pain and malaise.

Now, the relaxing massage for women serves, precisely, to relieve these pains, by leaving the patient happy and calm.

The relaxing massage is performed by means of firm movements, massages, on the patient's body, which offers muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation, relieves stress, decreases anxiety and tiredness.


Sports massage

With women practicing more and more physical exercise and with regularity, sports massage for women could not fail to be part of this list of massages for women. This is because it relieves muscle pain, thanks to precise movements over the most affected areas of the body.

In addition, a sports massage improves the elasticity of muscles, increases blood circulation, prevents muscle problems and decreases physical and mental fatigue.


Massage for woman in Lisbon

With so many massages for women to choose from, there's no resisting it, is it?

Fortunately, you also don't need to resist because there are many massage centers and SPAs with massage for women in Lisbon, with an incredible offer, for you who just want to relax, for your sister who just wants to relieve muscle pain and for your friend who just want to achieve multiple orgasms!

Genuine Tantric is one of the massage centers for women in Lisbon with facilities in Chiado and Saldanha. Come and meet us!