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Tantric massage in Lisbon

Don't postpone it anymore! If you would like to do a tantric massage in Lisbon, learn to expand your sexual energy and experience intense orgasms, book a session now and dare to know the most effective and safe therapy to bring pleasure to your life!

Indeed, with so many tantric masseuses in Lisbon, there is no reason to continue to ignore the benefits of tantric philosophy for body and mind.

No reason to continue with a sexual performance... below your expectations! So, take off your clothes and also get rid of prejudices because in this experience - which is above all spiritual, and not sexual - you will get to know yourself better and gain absolute freedom!


What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a therapy with more than 4,500 years that aims to redistribute the sexual energies of the body, expand the sensitivity and provide more intense experiences.

It is a technique that is usually performed throughout the patient's body, through subtle maneuvers with the fingers that stimulate the sensory channels, awaken the senses and distribute energy. It can even include massage on genitals to increase the body's self-knowledge, awaken dormant erogenous points and create unique experiences.

Still - and despite its more erotic nature, which distinguishes it from conventional massage that is limited to relaxing muscles and tendons - tantric massage is a legitimate therapy and does not involve masturbation.

And this is because tantric massage in Lisbon or anywhere else in the world, is based on tantric philosophy, with tantra meaning expansion (tan) and liberation (tra).

The name translates a desire to escape from rational thought in order to get in touch with the “inner self” and provide moments of pleasure and ecstasy, more focused on the emotional and mental part than on the physical part.

Whether tantric massage helps you relax? Of course, but the main mission is to help the patient to know himself, to free himself, to discover himself and others, inciting repressed or unknown sensations and emotions and opening up the experience of sexuality without strings attached. Result? Empathy with the body! Immediate pleasure! Quality sex life!


Where to do tantric massages in Lisbon?

It is not difficult to find out where to do tantric massages in Lisbon because the offer is vast, so the hard part will be to find out which is the best place among so many spas, hundreds of aesthetics, holistic therapy centers and massage centers in Lisbon.

When in doubt, search for a place that guarantees safety and quality, like Genuine Tantric, which has two massage centers in the city center (Saldanha and Chiado) with very welcoming spaces and the best tantric masseurs in Lisbon.

We speak of specialized therapists, capable of offering a wide range of massages and providing relaxation and well-being. And here - we guarantee you! - Pleasure begins right at the entrance, when you leave behind the usual frenzy of downtown Lisbon to start your moment of serenity, fullness and pleasure.

Types of Tantric Massages in Lisbon

There are several different types of tantric massages in Lisbon - in addition to conventional tantric massage - capable of helping you relax, redistribute energy and gain awareness of your body, your sensitivity, your sexuality and your orgasmic potential, such as:


Lingam massage in Lisbon

Lingam massage is a massage on the penis that does not aim at ejaculation, but rather at delivering a new and chilling form of pleasure.

As is evident, after the pelvic tensions are released, the orgasmic capacity expands throughout the entire body and ejaculation happens, but we are not talking about masturbation. What happens is that in this therapy, the tantric masseuses in Lisbon trigger an erotic trance with the intention of improving the erectili

Yoni massage in Lisbon

The yoni massage is a massage on the vagina designed for women who want to explore their bodies and experience new sensations of pleasure ... or women who simply need to unlock barriers to their sexuality, namely the difficulty in reaching orgasm.

This therapy acts in the process of draining liquids and humidifying the vagina, by means of alternating touches between the pelvis, groins, vulva, external and internal lips and perineum.

Body to body massage in Lisbon

Body to body massage or body to body massage is a very innovative type of tantric massage in Lisbon! In this therapy, tantric masseurs in Lisbon use not only their hands, but their entire naked body to stimulate the patient!

The objective, of course, is to awaken the most sensitive areas, creating a feeling of well-being and pleasure.

4-hand massage in Lisbon

The 4-hand massage is performed simultaneously by two tantric masseurs through synchronized movements on the right side (one therapist) and on the patient's left side (the other therapist), to provide absolutely complete relaxation for the entire body, which in turn , leads to an altered state of consciousness, with the patient unable to guess the movements: how, where and who will touch him next

Tantric massage for couples in Lisbon

The tantric massage for couples (done in two people at the same time), more than a sexual massage, is a therapy that aims to increase intimacy through the sharing of new experiences and sensations that create a new level of trust and surrender and, for Consequently, they improve their sex life.

Price of tantric massages in Lisbon

The price of tantric massages in Lisbon varies depending on the type and duration of therapy, but on average, they cost 150 €, with specific massages for women usually being a little cheaper (120 €) than specific massages for men (150 €) and than massages for couples (which last about two hours and cost around € 260). Even so, many tantric massage centers in Lisbon usually do promotional campaigns with appealing values on time.

For more information about the prices of tantric massages in Lisbon, do not hesitate to contact Genuine Tantric!