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Tantric Therapy: Pleasure without Trauma

Two or three intense orgasms in a massage session? Um, if that is the image that comes to mind when talking about tantric therapy, it is better to read this article because you are wrong!

Tantra can and should also be used in treatments to end sexual and psychological disorders.

A falling-out love relationship, sexual trauma, abuse, a taboo, an inability to enjoy sex ... There are several reasons that can lead a man or woman to seek help in tantric therapy to destroy blockages and explore the hidden eroticism of a shape ... never seen before!


What is Tantric Therapy?

Tantric therapy is a healing practice based on ancestral techniques and knowledge related to tantra philosophy, but also with current therapeutic methods.

The tantric therapist works with the patient's vital and sexual energy, traversing his entire body to awaken his senses and release blocked energies with the aim of bringing him well-being, satisfaction, vitality and eroticism.

But if you think that the tantric therapist has sex with the patient ... you are also wrong! The tantric therapist “limits himself” to discovering and unmasking paradigms, ending constraints and taboos through techniques that help the patient to interpret (better) his body and mind.

All through meditation and tantric massages - among other techniques - to enhance a process of quick and effective self-knowledge regarding the full perception of the organism. 

And this allows the patient to easily find the answer to personal problems related to their sexuality, love relationships and personal development, among others.

Still, in some cases, tantric body therapy does not replace other therapeutic methods of treatment such as psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, but it complements them perfectly!


Tantric therapy versus tantric massage

We have already mentioned that tantric therapy uses tantric massage in its treatments, but that does not mean that the terms are synonymous.

The well-known yoni massages and lingam massages (massage of the vagina and penis, respectively) are just one of the techniques that can be used in tantric therapy to help patients achieve increased sexual energy and achieve greater body awareness.

There are other techniques that do not even involve touching the genitals (such as meditation, breathing and other types of massage) that are important for achieving results that, in the case of tantric therapy, allude to much deeper issues than the issues that are worked with tantric massages.

Learn more about yoni massage and lingam massage


How does tantric therapy work?

Tantric therapy - using tantric massage, meditation, breathing, etc. - redirects an energy that we all have, but which is often underestimated: sexual energy! And redirects it to points on our body (chakras) that awaken sleeping regions and go beyond sex itself.

es, it is common for tantric body therapy to massage patients' genitals (even because tantra explores the entire body: from head to toe), but this is not a rule.

If the person concerned feels uncomfortable with touching the genitals, other procedures will lead to the same results, that is, to the unblocking of energies.

On the other hand, there are patients who have no problem achieving multiple intense orgasms in each session with a tantric therapist (although that is not the goal of the treatment) and others who do not shy away from laughing or even crying because they are remembering trauma.

So, the important thing is that the therapist knows how to monitor the profiles and emotions of his patients, messing with the biochemistry of the brain to take people to other states of consciousness and work on the hormonal production of different glands in order to generate discharges of serotonin and oxytocin , among other hormones related to pleasure and joy.


What is tantric therapy for?

We have already seen that tantric therapy does not serve to achieve orgasms. They do happen, but they are just a consequence of such release of dormant energies.

Tantric therapy serves to treat male and female sexual dysfunctions, such as anorgasmia, dyspareunia, erection problems, premature ejaculation, etc.

In this way, tantric body therapy dissolves traumas and negative emotions, leaving the patient's body and mind much lighter.

In the extreme case of a patient who is a victim of sexual abuse, for example, tantric body therapy aims to end negative emotions (fear, anger, shame ...) working the whole body, but paying special attention to the genitals to lead the patient to to release negative emotions (whether through tantric massage, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, etc.) to forgive the aggressor and thus achieve a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

Benefits of Tantric Therapy

There are several benefits of tantric therapy, were it not for this treatment to awaken erotic energy and spread pleasurable sensations throughout the body that culminate in emotions, thoughts and happy experiences!

  • Awakens and rebalances sexual energy;
  • Unlocks emotions;
  • Relaxes and reduces physical and mental tensions;
  • Reduces anxiety;
  • Fight depression;
  • Increases sensitivity and libido;
  • It treats sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation and dyspareunia;
  • Provides more pleasure in sexual intercourse;
  • Enhances orgasm;
  • Improves general health;
  • Increases vitality;
  • Develops affectivity.

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