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Candle Massage

Not all relaxing massages are the same. If you want to feel a hot thread of melted candle being spread over your body bringing with it a feeling of physical and mental well-being, you have to try a candle massage!

The American candle massage technique does not only involve the touch of the hands, it uses a special cosmetic wax, prepared with essential and aromatic oils, to provide relaxation, reduce stress, stimulate the senses ... and leave the skin extremely hydrated!


What is candle massage?

Candle massage is an American massage technique that combines massage therapy (therapeutic relaxation massage, aesthetics or sports) with aromatherapy (treatment based on the effect that different plant aromas are capable of causing) and thermotherapy (treatment of joint diseases through the application heat).


What is the purpose of massage with hot candles?

The purpose of massage with candles is to apply the wax of the melted candles, still hot, on the patient's body to provide relaxation, reduce stress and, consequently, cause physical and mental well-being.

For this purpose, this technique uses a special vegetable wax prepared with essential and aromatic oils, which in its liquid state due to the action of heat on the candle, acts as a creamy and hot massage oil.

Oil that must be applied through sliding and compression movements, more superficial or deeper, depending on the purpose of the massage with hot candles. In any case, the sensation that a hot thread of melted candle leaves, when sliding down the body, is always quite relaxing!

And if this sensation is joined by the aroma of the candle and the gentle movements made by the masseuse, the massage with hot candles may even be able to cure some pain! In addition, this type of massage provides deep hydration, just like the heated vegetable wax used in cosmetic treatments.


How to make candles massage?

To do massage with candles, start by heating the candles until they become liquid and the wax is at a temperature around 38°/39°, in order to be pleasant for the patient, regardless of the season.

Although the therapist knows that the liquid wax will not burn the skin, he must always check its temperature, first applying the liquid to the palm of his hand and then proceeding directly to the patient's body in maneuvers common to any relaxing massage or therapy with holistic approach: with sliding and compression movements to help the patient's body absorb the active principles of the candle and thus stimulate the senses, contribute to the relaxation of body and mind, cause physical and mental well-being (largely due to the power of aromatherapy) and also promote skin hydration and nourish tissues, to prevent stretch marks, sagging and dryness.

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What kind of candles are used?

According to the expected objective, at least four types of candles are used in candle massage: relaxing, stimulating, decongestant and sensual.

But regardless of the type of candle, this massage uses only products made with a specific type of melted cosmetic paraffin that combines vegetable and essential oils, such as vegetable butter, vanilla oil, cocoa oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, chamomile oil, aragon oil, palm seed oil, milk extract, vanilla extract, shea butter, avocado and also lavender, orange blossom, eucalyptus, lemon, etc.


Benefits of candle massage

The benefits of this massage are wide, especially for patients who complain about stress, tiredness, tension and muscle pain:

  • Restores energy;
  • Relaxes your muscles;
  • Relieves muscle tension, fatigue and stress;
  • Relieves body aches and headaches;
  • Reduces swelling around injuries;
  • Increases flexibility of muscles;
  • Decreases cramps and recovers muscle tone;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Clear the airways;
  • Eliminates toxins accumulated in the body;
  • Regulates intestinal functions;
  • Improves food digestion;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Reduces impatience and irritability;
  • Moisturizes the skin.


Contraindications of candles massage

With the exception of patients with allergies to certain oils, as contraindications for this type of massage are identical to any relaxing massage, that is, it is not advisable for women in the first trimester of pregnancy, people with skin problems, infectious diseases, varicose veins, cancer or other serious health condition.

This massage is also not chosen in case of fever, acute muscle breakdown or acute joint inflammation, thrombophlebitis and changes in muscle tone. Even so, in case of doubt, you should check with your therapist or masseuse if there is no danger in having a massage with hot candles.

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