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How to increase female libido

Unwilling to have sex with your partner? Don't worry!

In addition to the variations in female libido being normal and related to different stages in a woman's life, there are several ways to increase sexual desire and return to fully enjoy a relationship. But before that, understand what is female libido and what are its main causes.


What is female libido?

Generically, a female libido means a woman's sexual desire. This desire tends to vary in intensity throughout life, and may have considerable ups and downs, peaks or falls!

First of all, as the woman gets older she loses her libido, but age is not the only reason!

Pregnancy and varying levels of estrogen and progesterone (among other hormonal imbalances) also reduce a woman's sexual appetite, and then there are always those days when, for one reason or another, there is no desire to have sex. And not to mention menstruation that can also influence libido, including leading to changes in sentimental relationships.

Whereas, in contrast, the fertile period leads women to feel more sexual desire, which contributes to increase female libido.

So, if the libido fluctuations do not interfere with the woman's sexual pleasure, that is, they do not affect her well-being and her quality of life, everything is fine.

But when the lack of libido is a constant, it is advisable to evaluate the possible causes for the lack of female libido. And then, continue reading this article to know some of the best suggestions to solve the problem!


Main causes of lack of libido in women

Throughout life, a woman naturally feels her sexual desire increase and decrease. Increase and decrease again, and so on.

Here are the main reasons for this:


It is common for women to experience more sexual appetite during the ovulation period or the fertile period.


On the contrary, during menstruation they feel less willing to have sex.


It is also natural to lack female libido due to taking certain medications.


The contraceptive pill, by preventing ovulation, does not allow estrogen levels to increase and this contributes to a lower female libido.


Any change in lifestyle can affect your sexual appetite, especially if it is a negative change (such as job loss).


Mental problems like anxiety and depression are often related to a woman's lack of libido.


Sexual disorders such as hypoactive sexual desire disorder dramatically reduce the desire to have sex.


How to increase female libido?

And now that you know the main causes of the lack of libido in women, it is time to also know some suggestions to solve the problem.

It is true that in more severe cases, there are specific medical treatments to increase female desire, but how about starting in a simpler way, using these tips?

Don't feel obligated to…

It seems counterintuitive, but the truth is that feeling obliged to have sex with your partner and if you do it unwillingly, is increasing the problem of lack of sexual desire and not solving it!

So the first thing to do, if you don't feel like having sex, is to ask yourself why:

  • No longer feel interested in your partner?
  • Are you still interested but unable to have sexual desire?
  • Has this situation been repeated for a long time?
  • Have there been any changes in your life recently?
  • Are you depressed?

Anyway, there are as many causes for the lack of female libido as there are tips to increase sexual appetite!

So face the problem, talk to your partner about it ... and look for a solution that is not forced sex!


Practice physical exercise

Physical exercise is also recommended to increase female desire, and do you know why?

Because with physical activity, circulation improves (blood flows even through the tissues of genitals!) and releases endorphins in order to maintain a sense of well-being which in turn improves self-esteem, which in turn increases the libido.

Do the Kegel exercises

There are other types of exercises - Kegel exercises - that can be very useful to solve your problem of lack of sexual desire.

This specific type of exercises aims to help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region located inside the vagina, to increase blood circulation and thus improve pleasure in intimate contact, lengthening the vaginal canal, making the cervix higher and avoiding until penetration hurts or bothers.


Discover what gives you pleasure

You may be able to increase your libido by discovering what gives you pleasure in sex. But for that you have to dedicate time to get to know your body better, including through masturbation to better identify the clitoris area and then guide your partner, for example.

Remember that self-knowledge is essential to understand and explain to your partner which areas give you the most pleasure ... and the unpleasant ones!


Put intimate lubricant

Even if you have already started exercising, tried Kegel exercises and discovered what gives you the most pleasure in bed, do not resist this suggestion!

Put some intimate lubricant in the vagina before or during intercourse to reduce friction and make penetration more pleasurable.


Use the imagination

If using intimate lubricant was not enough, it's time to use your imagination to combat this lack of sexual appetite and increase female libido!


But be creative!

Break the routine completely and put your sexual fantasies into practice… if your partner agrees, of course.


Talk to your partner

And speaking of a partner, it is important that you talk to him about your lack of libido, first to give him knowledge of a problem that affects both, second to give him the opportunity to try to make the relationship more spicy, helping her to want to have sex.


Eat aphrodisiac meals

Meals based on aphrodisiac foods such as pepper, turmeric, ginger and ginseng improve blood circulation and thereby increase sexual desire.

Why not invest in a romantic dinner based on oysters, wine, strawberries and chocolate to spice up the relationship?


Experience a tantric massage

Tantric massage can combat the lack of female libido, as libido is closely related to emotional factors whose negative energies can be discovered and unlocked through these erotic massages that use touch to promote harmony of the senses, physical and emotional relaxation and even lead to the discovery of new erogenous zones.

Therefore, any type of tantric massage, including yoni massage (in the vagina) and lingam massage (in the penis) helps to increase sexual energy and renew intimacy.

And now accept the invitation from Genuine Tantric and book your first tantric massage to increase female libido now!