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Exotic Massage

Exotic massage is based on the use of massage techniques in the erogenous zones (zones of our body that can cause sexual excitation to the touch) to intensify its sexual excitation in order to reach orgasm.


Exotic massages in antiquity

Since ancient times massages have been used for medical purposes. Exotic massage can be used as a sexual therapy in order to increase the patient's response to sexual stimulation and in turn increase libido.

In the Western medical tradition, the exotic massages applied on women's genitals served as treatment for female hysteria, a nineteenth-century psychic illness considered common and chronic in women.

It was believed that the disease was caused by uterine disorders associated with sexual dissatisfaction.

In 1653, the Dutch doctor Pieter Van Foreest, advised this technique of massage on the genitals, made with lily oil as a substitute for the lubricant.


Exotic Massage for Men

Exotic massages are an excellent choice of foreplay for the purpose of increasing the sensitivity of sexual arousal.

In the particular male case, this type of massage is used to assist Men in solving the problems of premature ejaculation or any emotional blockage.

The exotic massage methods help to relax the muscles of the pelvis and thus prolong the excitement to increase the pleasure.

Exotic massages nowadays

Currently, exotic massages are used by society for a sexual purpose, that is, as either foreplay, sexual act or even as sexual therapy.

Surprise your partner with an exotic massage, let yourself be carried away by the spirit of this spicy massage. Forget everything that surrounds you and dedicate yourself to touching each part of the body, not forgetting the erogenous zones.