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Sensual Massage

From a kiss to a hug, contact is essential to arouse positive feelings and emotions, and you know it well. But… what if we tell you that you can go further?

That with a sensual massage you can expand your own sensitivity and expand perceptions and tactile stimuli, stimulating pleasure and awakening sleeping erogenous zones?


What is sensual massage?

Sensual massage or sensitive massage is a relaxation massage with an erotic context, in which the masseuse seeks to understand the specific needs of each patient to prepare his body to receive the sensual massage, applying the best movements through light and subtle touches to foster expansion.

What is meant by expansion? Range of body sensitivity. What is the objective? Awaken sleeping erogenous zones and enhance pleasure.

And, That's all? No, in sensual massage new possibilities are also explored, tension is eliminated and the energetic balance of body and mind is promoted.

Going back in time, we can safely say that sensitive massage was one of the tantric massage techniques - possibly the first level of body approach to tantric therapy - most powerful for stimulating different parts of the body and responding to different therapeutic and relaxing needs.

From antiquity to our time, and regardless of whether you choose to have a sensual massage at a massage center specializing in tantric therapies or prefer the convenience of home (and leave the massage to your partner's discretion and pleasure), the result is the same: sensitive massage improves your sex life!

However, in the first case, with experienced therapists, you benefit from predefined movements established according to your profile, to foster the neuromuscular system and reprogram, so to speak, your level of pleasure to higher levels.

Consequently, as in moments of excitement your emotions are aroused ... stress, anxiety and other negative feelings are dissolved, giving way to an emotional, physical and energetic balance!


How does sensual massage work?

The sensual massage, performed by professional masseuses, works with sensory aspects to communicate with the patient's mind, leading him to relax without resorting to the force of the movements of a muscle massage.

That's because sensitive massage uses only light touches - most of them with the fingertips - in line with breathing techniques to activate the neuromuscular system, generate bioenergy, awaken body awareness and give pleasure.

It is evident that the result of this experience varies from person to person and also differs depending on the type of sensual massage or sensitive massage, but in any case it always leads the patient to relax deeply and recognize aspects of his physiognomy that he ignored and, in some cases, achieve intense orgasms.

Of course, the purpose of sensual massage is not orgasm, but physical and psychological well-being.

However, if during these moments of intense pleasure the orgasm happens, it is welcome, especially because (it is always worth repeating) sensual massage can and should enhance unique sexual experiences.


Main types of sensual massage

There are several types of sensual massage, including one that you can perform at home without great technique, but in this article we will limit ourselves to those that are worked in a massage center, obeying the tantric philosophy.


Tantric massage

Tantric massage is done on the entire body and even includes touching the genitals to increase self-knowledge of the body and sensory perception, redistribute sexual energies, expand sensitivity, awaken erogenous points and create unique experiences.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage or penis massage, although it does not aim at orgasm, increases self-knowledge in terms of sexuality and erectility, releases pelvic tensions, enhances an erotic trance and expands orgasmic capacity throughout the body.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage or massage in the vagina helps women to relax, get to know their body better and explore new sensations of pleasure. It even works as a therapy to unblock barriers to sexuality.

Body to body massage

The body to body massage involves two bodies, masseuse and patient, through sliding maneuvers from the masseuse's body over the patient's body in a sensual way to stimulate more sensitive areas.

What is the importance of sensual massage?

All! Even for those who have a happy and sexually active life, the warmth of a tender and sensual touch is lacking.

Of course, often, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sex turns out to be just a mechanical activity, but the erotic side can be woken up with sensual massages, regardless of the relationship phase you are in (and if you have a relationship at all).

Therefore, sensual massage is important for exploring sensations, communicating, receiving and giving pleasure.

It will help you to increase the complicity and level of intimacy with your partner, awakening dormant erogenous zones and discovering or rediscovering truly orgasmic sensations!

And that's not all! Sensitive massage is important to reduce accumulated tensions, to avoid depression and anxiety and, in short, to bring joy, harmony and well-being.

Remember that a sensitive massage, by reducing physical stiffness, reduces mental stiffness and restores the body's energy balance.

In the process, it releases emotions (from laughter to crying) that end up helping to relax, but also to dismantle traumas and remove concerns, and this helps you to regain your spirits and improve your general health.


Benefits of sensual massage

Pleasure is one of the greatest benefits of sensual massage, yes, but there are others ...

  • Develops and increases the sensitivity and intensity of pleasure;
  • Expands orgastic capacity;
  • Provides dry, multiple and successive orgasms;
  • Increases erection time;
  • Cures sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, impotence and lack of libido;
  • Improves self-esteem;
  • Reduces anxiety;
  • Decreases mood swings;
  • It causes well-being and improves health in general.


Sensual massage for two

Let us guess the question on the tip of your tongue: can you schedule a sensual massage session for two? Of course yes!

The sensitive massage or tantric massage for couples is made for two people at the same time and with the aim of increasing the couple's intimacy, stimulating emotions and guiding them to a new level of confidence and pleasure.

And if you prefer, this sensual massage for two may not have an explicit sexual nature, leading them only to generate more complicity through the knowledge and recognition of each other's body.

Pleasure is your priority, your source of happiness. So, don't leave the sensual massage you can do today for tomorrow! Free yourself from prejudices, choose your sensitive massage in Genuine Tantric, book… and let yourself go!