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Geothermal Massage

If you need a relaxing massage that, at the same time, acts on an energetic level to balance body and mind, try the Geothermal Massage inspired by holistic therapies that since ancient times have smoothly heated volcanic basalt stones gliding over certain areas of the body to reach, together, physical, psychological and emotional benefits!


What is Geothermal Massage?

Geothermal Massage - also known as Hot Stone Massage - is a therapy within the group of holistic therapies, which uses volcanic basalt stones to massage the muscles and provide a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being, with a view to to provide harmony between body and mind, among other benefits.

Geothermal massage is an ancient technique.

Over time, different ancestral civilizations from China, Egypt, India and Africa have used hot (or cold) stones for therapeutic purposes.

Tibetan monks, for example, even resorted to Geothermal Massage in periods of fasting as the hot stones on the stomach and abdomen, provided a feeling of satiety and reduced hunger and anxiety, relieving problems related to gastritis and increasing energy vital organism.

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How does Geothermal Massage work?

As the name implies, during a session of Geothermal Massage or Hot Stone Massage, hot and/or cold stones are used in a selective application at different temperatures to revitalize and re-energize, without the pressure of traditional massage.

The process depends on the purpose of the therapy, and for that reason it can even be complemented with aromatherapy, thermotherapy, chromotherapy, crystallotherapy and reflexology, among others. But what can not be missing are the volcanic stones of thermal basalt, as they guarantee a feeling of deep relaxation.

And do you know why? Because in addition to being soft and having a very smooth and velvety surface (and therefore they are indicated to slide along the patient's body without hurting him), these stones are porous and retain the heat inside for some time.

And that's not all! In communion with the physical properties of basalt stones, this technique also benefits from the energetic properties, thus helping to energize and balance the body.

Basically, Hot Stone Massage is a type of vascular exercise of the circulatory system that helps revitalize because it causes, in an alternate way, sedative and reenergizing responses in the patient.

Hence, it is a relaxation massage indicated to combat stress, yes, but also recommended as muscle therapy, since it acts on three levels:

  • Physical, to provide deep muscle relaxation, relieve muscle and osteoarticular pain;
  • Mental and spiritual, to balance the central nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Energetic, to activate the energetic flow and renew the vital energy.


What types of stones are used in Geothermal Massage?

In addition to basalt, which manages to keep the heat for longer due to the high concentration of iron, the most used stones in Geothermal Massage are pebbles, onyx, agates, quartz and marble, but other types of stones can be chosen, with different shapes, sizes and compositions, as long as they have a soft texture, are able to maintain the heat and, of course, contain cosmic energy (sun, fire, water and earth).

All because, according to the holistic view, stones have the ability to improve the energy flow and eliminate possible points of tension in the body.

This is the reason why it has been used since ancient times to rebalance the chakras (the so-called doors of vital energy) and then to eliminate blockages in a kind of self-healing.

Geothermal Massage Functions

The main function of Geothermal Massage is to provide deep relaxation, but hot stones have other functions, such as relieving pain, tension and accumulated stress.

They also activate blood circulation and, therefore, help to lose weight, reduce cellulite and localized fat, accelerate cell regeneration, among other benefits that we will talk about next.

First, it is important to explain that the hot stones, besides providing a sensation of pleasure, while gliding smoothly through the skin, also have an analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect that allows the release of endorphins that transmit a feeling of deep well-being and balance.

Cold stones, which can be applied in the same session as hot stones, have a vasoconstrictor, anti-edematous, toning and decongestant effect.


Benefits of Geothermal Massage

During a session of Geothermal Massage, the therapist performs smooth - and previously defined - movements through the patient's body with hot and / or cold stones, to provide several types of benefits, including:

  • Relief from stress and accumulated tension;
  • Muscle pain relief;
  • Reduction of tiredness;
  • Activation and increased blood circulation;
  • Improvement of metabolic functions;
  • Balance of the nervous system;
  • Tissue nutrition and oxygenation;
  • Promotion of cell regeneration;
  • Increased muscle tone and joint mobility;
  • Speeding up the weight loss process;
  • Elimination of localized fats and reduction of cellulite;
  • Relief from constipation and menstrual cramps;
  • Recovery of vital energy;
  • Harmonization of body and mind;
  • Improvement of health status in general.


Contraindications for Geothermal Massage

Like any other relaxation massage, Hot Stone Massage is not recommended for people with skin diseases, degenerative diseases, asthma, infections and open wounds, osteoporosis, hypertension, heart problems, cancer, tumors and is also not recommended during pregnancy.

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