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Californian Massage

Do you feel tired and irritated one day and sick and depressed the next? The explanation is simple! The stress accumulated in your body can negatively affect your state of physical and mental health. T

he good news is that with a Californian Massage session you will be able to calm down, connect with your inner self, live an intense spiritual experience and, of course, relieve daily stress.

Come and discover this relaxation massage technique!


What is Californian Massage?

Californian Massage (or Esalen Massage) is a physical and mental relaxation massage that uses a recognized technique and is used in many spas and massage centers to relieve body pain and tension, including chronic pain resulting from stress.

Its success lies in the fact that it allows the body to release energy through specific movements of the therapist, in order to establish a strong spiritual experience that promotes relaxation and results in an improvement of health in general and the reduction of muscle tension in particular.


How did Californian Massage come about?

Californian Massage appeared in the early 1960s at the Esalen Institute in California (hence also known as Esalen Massage) as a result of the study and development of various Eastern and Western therapies and philosophies.

The first objective was to create a broad therapy, capable of guaranteeing the best results in the treatment of chronic pain caused by stress, among others.

And that was how the Californian Massage (from the same family as the Swedish Massage) emerged, which, in support of the truth, was developed to respond to the physical and psychological malaise of Vietnam war veterans interned at the Esalen Institute.

People who suffered from post-traumatic stress and who responded positively and significantly to the touches, pressures and frictions of the therapists who applied Californian Massage to them.

So much so that Esalen Massage ended up being spread to the rest of the world as a relaxing massage whose focus is not so much on curing pain, but rather on the patient's well-being and tranquility, that is, promoting rest and developing sensitivity body.

In this sense, from the 60s to the present, different applications of the Californian Massage technique have been developed, but its end has remained unchanged:

to take the body to release the energy that illuminates the heart, making the massage an intense spiritual experience!


Californian Massage Technique

The Californian Massage technique is characterized by long, fluid and harmonious movements that the therapist or masseur applies over the patient's body in a continuous manner (but with varying rhythms) to help him concentrate on himself, to become more aware of his body and thus reduce muscle tension.

As a general rule, at the beginning of the session, the patient begins by doing breathing exercises until he reaches a feeling of fullness, when the masseuse gives him a back massage, one of the areas with the greatest tension and most affected by daily stress.

Thereafter, the masseuse proceeds with a series of techniques aimed at the entire body, using the hands, forearms and elbows (with rocking, sliding, pressure and friction movements) to help the patient to relax and rest.

It is also common to use essential oils and even creams to help relax and soften the touch throughout this relaxing massage in which the therapist will identify and focus his maneuvers on the most tense parts of the patient's body.

Therefore, throughout a session of Californian Massage the whole body is worked simultaneously, with calming, slow and continuous movements, but also pulling and rotating members and muscles to relieve tension, in maneuvers that, for example, can start in a foot and end up in the trunk.

In this way, each Californian Massage session is a unique moment that takes into account a specific relaxation massage technique, yes, but that also takes into consideration the patient's personality and way of being.

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Benefits of Californian Massage

  • Relax completely;
  • Unlocks muscle tension;
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain;
  • Corrects posture;
  • Relieves stress;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Decreases muscle fatigue;
  • Increases the body's natural defenses;
  • Prevents heart disease;
  • Maintains the balance of the body's energy flow;
  • Assists during pregnancy and postpartum recovery;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Increases confidence levels;
  • Provides good mood;
  • Prevents stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Improves health in general;
  • It generates well-being in body and mind.


Contraindications for Californian Massage

The contraindications of Californian Massage are common to the contraindications of any other relaxation massage, that is, it cannot be applied to people with fever, open wounds, skin rashes, burns, vascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, acute inflammations, ulcers, heart failure, hypertension and tumors.

Pregnant women under three months of gestation should also refrain from having a Californian massage, as well as people who have recently undergone surgical procedures.

In addition, Californian Massage is recommended to most people, largely due to its relaxation and decompression effects, particularly people who have a very hectic daily life and / or people experiencing anxiety and depression.

If you feel like experiencing the benefits of Californian Massage for yourself, get in touch with a massage center specializing in holistic therapies, such as Genuine Tantric Lisboa!