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If you have ever felt the energy of a dip in the sea, you know that cold water is invigorating. If you have already managed to improve your sleep quality with a good hot bath at night, you know that hot water helps you relax.

But have you tried a hydromassage session to improve your physical and mental health, your aesthetics and even your sexual performance? Never tried it ?! So come from there, alone or accompanied, confirm the positive effects of the hot water jets!

Effectively, water is a natural element that is not only used to clean and moisturize. It also purifies, soothes and improves health in general, especially if used to massage the body using hydromassage techniques, and complemented with a tantric massage!

So it's time to understand what hydromassage is, what its main benefits are and where you can take full advantage of a hot, bubbly bath. Why not go running and buy a hot tub to install in your bathroom when there are several massage centers in Lisbon that offer a moment of pure delight ... in and out of the water!


What is hydromassage?

Hydromassage is a massage that combines two elements of nature in a balanced way, water and air, through water jets of different intensity that provide well-being to body and mind.

In other words, it is a therapeutic technique developed, generally, in a hydromassage bathtub through a water suction and impulse system that takes advantage of all the dynamic and thermal action of hot water on the user's body, increasing the blood circulation, oxygenating the skin and leading to muscle relaxation, among other benefits.

And that regardless of temperature and water pressure, which can vary according to the user's physical condition and the purpose of the water massage: from a simple relaxation massage to an erotic massage, through a therapeutic massage for treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to muscles and joints.


What are the main types of water jets in the hydromassage?

Basically, in a hydromassage session the user can enjoy four different types of water jets:

  • Turbo jet - Water jet with a rotating and pulsating effect that automatically mixes water and air alternately, for total relaxation;
  • Directional Turbo - Continuous flow water jet (which can be regulated at an intensity level) applied at strategic points of the user's body;
  • Mini jet - Water jet that works together or in combination with the turbo jet, for a continuous flow of water;
  • Air bubble jet - Water jet that releases air bubbles in the bathtub.

What are the differences between hot tub and spa or outdoor jacuzzi?

 A hot tub is a bath equipped with motors to launch jets of water and thus offer a hydrotherapy massage to its user, leading to a state of physical and mental relaxation.

This type of equipment for one or two people is intended for indoor spaces, unlike the spa or outdoor jacuzzi, which, although also aimed at hydromassage, is much larger, can be installed outdoors and can be used for more than two people simultaneously.

But the differences do not end here! As a general rule, hot tubs do not have depth, seats, or filtration systems to keep the water clean for longer, such as spas and jacuzzis.

Find out how the Jacuzzi works and the main benefits.


Hydromassage Benefits

Alone or for two in a hot tub or even with a group of friends in a spa or jacuzzi, there are many benefits of hydro massage that you can get:

  • Activates blood circulation;
  • Increases heart rate;
  • Reduces blood pressure;
  • Relieves muscle tension;
  • Decreases pain in the lower back and joints;
  • Relieves swelling of the feet and legs;
  • Helps to relax muscles;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Recovers energy after any type of training;
  • It favors the oxygenation of the skin, making it smoother and more toned;
  • Promotes fluid drainage, fighting cellulite and other aesthetic problems caused by fat accumulation.


Hydromassage in Lisbon

Looking for hydromassage in Lisbon? And it does very well! Especially because it is not necessary to purchase and install a hot tub in your home to be able to enjoy all the benefits that water jets can provide. There are several spas and massage centers in Lisbon that offer this possibility!

Genuine Tantric is one of those massage centers in Lisbon that combines various types of massage with hot baths, in spaces equipped with whirlpools and jacuzzis so that customers can relax and enjoy great moments before, during or after a massage. 

And there are several types of massage that you can combine with hydrotherapy!

From a relaxing massage after a more difficult day to a sports massage to recover after a workout, going through a massage for couples to spice up your relationship or even a tantric massage in a hot tub (alone or with your partner) to greater physical, emotional and sexual well-being.

Try it! Through slow touches throughout the body, the tantric massage activates several energetic and erogenous points in a unique experience: of pleasure, ecstasy and liberation!

Do you want to get in touch with your inner self? Free yourself, release energy and relax? Choose one of our tantric massages and let yourself go!