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Massage Tui Na

Tui Na Massage Method

The Tui Na Massage method is similar to the Acupuncture method (but without needles!), In that this therapeutic massage is performed on the same points and meridians through a set of manual techniques, where the professional uses the hands, fingers, wrists, but also elbows, forearms and knees.

And also according to pressure and sliding techniques, as well as manipulative techniques for realigning the musculoskeletal and ligament relations.

However, despite Tui Na Therapeutic Massage applying sliding, percussion, friction, rotation and vibration movements (among others), it is not a common relaxation massage, its purpose is therapeutic, so much so that in addition to requiring an initial diagnosis, it can resort - depending on the patient's pathology - to the use of poultices, compresses and creams to guarantee the treatment (but not chemicals).

Still, it can never be stressed that, unlike conventional medicine, Tui Na Therapeutic Massage does not simply act on muscles, bones and joints. It also works with the body's energy on a deeper and spiritual level.

This is because through the diagnosis, the therapist is able to identify the energetic state and the procedures indicated to balance it, in order to promote good physical and mental health in the patient.


Benefits of Tui Na Massage

  • Relax;
  • Regulates the nervous and endocrine system;
  • Activates blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • Relieves muscle pain;
  • Eliminates muscle tension;
  • Strengthens the musculoskeletal structure;
  • Increases lung capacity;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Reduces stress;
  • Stimulates and tones the skin and eliminates toxins;
  • Reinforces the vital energy of the organism;
  • Achieves the longed-for balance between body and mind;
  • Promotes physical and psychological well-being.


Contraindications of Tui Na Massage

The list of contraindications for Tui Na Massage is not extensive. It is just not recommended for people with heart problems or cancer, especially skin and lymphatic cancer.

It is also not recommended for people who suffer from osteoporosis, have inflamed skin or eczema, psoriasis or herpes zoster.

If you are not included in this table of contraindications and are looking for a Tui Na Massage in Genuine Tantric, get to know our massage center and book a first session now to enjoy one of our therapeutic techniques that prevent diseases, relieve pain, fight against stress and increase the feeling of physical and psychological well-being.