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Tantric Massage in Porto

Don't mind the cultural aspects that inhibit your sexuality, the orientations you received as a teenager and all the traumas that you may have been subjected to since then… and look for a tantric massage in Porto!

Although it is not on sex that tantric massage is based in Porto, but on the redistribution of energy throughout the body, one of the goals of this therapy is to improve sexuality and help overcome traumas, blockages and inhibitions.

Understand what excites you, what stimulates your libido and how to put into practice a new concept of pleasure.

Because - believe me! - the whole body is an invitation to pleasure! So, please come in and start by knowing the benefits of tantric massage.


Benefits of Tantric Massage

Those who have never tried it, may even believe that tantric massage is an erotic massage, period. Well, we have to excuse these people as this type of therapy is often promoted in this limited and erroneous way.

Tantric massage in Porto or anywhere else in the world is much more than an erotic massage.

In seeking to stimulate and increase the circulation of vital energy through touch with the fingers, the tantric masseurs in Porto foster a process of self-knowledge that redistributes sexual energies, expands sensitivity and provides more intense experiences and even multiple orgasms. In this sense, we would like to point out to you now the main benefits of tantric massage:

  • Self-knowledge of the body;
  • Exploration and intensification of sensations and emotions;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety levels;
  • Strengthening of several muscles, namely pelvic and genitals;
  • Activation of various energetic and erogenous points;
  • Eradication of blockages, traumas and sexual dysfunctions;
  • Assistance in solving problems such as premature ejaculation and impotence;
  • Aid in the control of erection and ejaculation time;
  • Promotion of multiple, dry and ejaculatory orgasms;
  • Intensified production of hormones essential for libido and self-esteem;
  • Improving relationships between couples;
  • Feeling of total relaxation;
  • Promotion of balance and well-being.


Where to do tantric massages in Porto?

It doesn't matter if you live in Porto or if you want to enjoy a visit to Porto for a massage. Your desire to enhance pleasure, to feel good and to be happy, arrives ... and there is more! You don't need any more excuses to look for a tantric massage center in Porto or for tantric masseuses in Porto.

You just need to pay attention - in view of the vast offer - and choose a safe and comfortable massage center, where you can find qualified and accredited therapists, such as the Genuine Tantric, which has two spaces in the city center: one next to Praça Marquês de Pombal and the other next to Bulhão Market, in Trindade.

Therefore, it is the customer's choice, whether the tantric massage center in Porto, or the type of massage you can do and which we will talk about right away!

Types of tantric massages in Porto

In addition to conventional tantric massage, there are other, more specific types of tantric massages in Porto that are arousing people's curiosity and interest, including those who still have a distorted view of what Tantrism is and would like to get the matter out:


Lingam massage in Porto

Lingam massage is done on the penis, not with the aim of triggering orgasm, but rather to provide a new and intense form of pleasure.

Of course, once the pelvic tensions are released, the orgasmic ability expands throughout the entire body and orgasm happens, but it is not about masturbation. In this therapy, tantric massage therapists in Porto essentially improve their patients' sexual performance.

Yoni massage in Porto

Yoni Massage is done in the vagina and allows women to explore their bodies, get to know new emotions and, if necessary, unblock traumas to their sexuality, ending with difficulties in reaching orgasm, for example

Body to body massage in Porto

The body to body massage (hand-to-hand massage) is performed by a masseuse who, in addition to the hands, uses the entire naked body to stimulate the patient, awakening forgotten erogenous zones and leading him to a feeling of well-being and intense pleasure.

Nuru massage in Porto

Nuru Massage is done similarly to body to body massage, with a difference! Here the tantric masseurs in Porto use a special and very slippery lotion: the nuru gel.

It goes without saying that the gel allows the patient's and therapist's bodies to slide better, but it also increases the feeling of relaxation, thanks to the therapeutic effects of the seaweed that make up the product.

Massage for couples in Porto

The couples massage is a tantric massage for two people, which, more than erotic and stimulating, is a therapy capable of improving the intimacy of a couple, by sharing new sensations and increasing the level of trust and of delivery.

Price of tantric massages in Porto

The price of tantric massages in Porto depends on the duration and type of therapy chosen by the patient.

In any case, you can set aside around 150€, as this is the average value, with tantric massages for women being, as a general rule, cheaper (in the order of 110€) than tantric massages for men ( around 150€) and more economical than massages for couples that, in addition to lasting longer, cost an average of 260€.

But be aware that many tantric massage centers in Porto usually do seasonal promotional campaigns at great prices.

Interested in more information about the price of tantric massages in Porto? Contact Genuine Tantric today!