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Abdominal Massages

Did you know that abdominal massage has many benefits, in addition to reducing the waist by a few centimeters? It is true! Certain abdominal massages release negative emotions that cause tension, pain and even illness, relax and redistribute vital energy through Organs internal organs, aligning body and mind.

So if your belly feels congested, your energy is blocked! And the solution to regain your joy and well-being is a physical and emotional detoxification treatment: a good abdominal massage!


What are abdominal massages?

Abdominal massages are therapeutic techniques to work the internal organs through gentle movements in the abdominal region. In addition to promoting relaxation and solving digestive and intestinal problems, they activate energy flows, harmonizing body and mind.

It is never too much to remember that the starting point of the centrality of the human being, the navel, that scar that reminds the existence of the umbilical cord, is precisely in the belly area.

Therefore, as you apply an abdominal massage, tensions are relieved and negative emotions are dispelled.

And with the body's vital energy activated, the abdominal massage eliminates toxins, leaving the body ready to take care of itself to promote a cure for a variety of problems, from stress to accumulated fat!


What are the different types of abdominal massages?

Among the different types of abdominal massages, we can highlight the shaping massages in the abdominal area(which aim to reduce the volume in the belly and improve the appearance of cellulite) and the Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massages which we will talk about later!


What is Chi Nei Tsang massage?

It's the most successful abdominal massage in the world! Of Taoist origin, this very deep massage that works the abdomen using the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is very effective in the treatment of digestive and intestinal problems. In fact, the name itself - Chi meaning "energy" and Nei Tsang meaning "internal organs" - refers us to the body's control center, the abdomen, and to the need to work the vital energy of the internal organs to reach the well-being.

In fact, centuries ago, the ancient Taoists had already realized that negative emotions caused health problems and had also identified a cycle of relationships between emotions and the different organs of the human being, where a tightness in the stomach meant worry, for example.

In this sense, the Taoists experienced healing through the release of toxins and negative forces, developing the Chi Nei Tsang massage to transform the negative energies that clog the internal organs and cause the so-called “knots” in the stomach into positive energies. In other words, they managed (they still do!) to allow relaxation and stress relief in the short term and improve the digestive function in the medium/long term.


What is abdominal massage for?

Abdominal massage serves to relax and treat digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and constipation. It also eliminates toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, promotes lymphatic drainage and helps achieve results in weight-loss programs.

  • Abdominal shaping massages or massages in the abdominal area help to eliminate stress, tighten the abdominal muscles, burn fatty fat, stimulate the lymphatic, cardiovascular and digestive systems, increase circulation and promote muscle relaxation that ultimately reduces constipation. and improving evacuation, among other benefits.

They are very useful in any fat loss and waist measurement plan, and can even be performed at home!

  • Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massages help to eliminate stress and promote healing. They use massage techniques directly on the navel and surrounding abdominal area (where stress and negative emotions build up) to unlock energy and strengthen internal organs, as the human body cannot handle large amounts of hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine, which stay lodged in the body for too long.

The solution is an abdominal massage to improve oxygenation and maximize the connection between nerve endings, thus encouraging the organs to function better!

Advantages of Abdominal Massage

The gentle but deep pressure on the abdomen used in abdominal massage has several advantages! For starters, it unlocks energy and allows organs to function better. Finally, it helps to reduce belly volume and alleviates symptoms of cramps, constipation, bloating and digestion problems.

In between, there are more advantages of abdominal massage:

  • Detoxifies;
  • Stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems;
  • Stimulates the functioning of the digestive system;
  • Improves intestinal transit;
  • Reduces the risk of indigestion;
  • Normalizes blood pressure;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Restructures and strengthens the body;
  • Provides greater resistance to disease;
  • Increases vitality;
  • Fixes postural problems;
  • Combat chronic pain in the back, shoulders and legs;
  • Treats premenstrual pain;
  • Eliminates fats;
  • Improves skin sagging;
  • Helps achieve goals in weight loss programs;
  • Balances emotionally;
  • Promotes self-knowledge;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.


Abdominal massages in Porto

Are you already looking for abdominal massages? It does very well! There are several massage centers in Porto and Lisbon that offer different types of abdominal massage, whether to relieve stress and anxiety, or to relieve accumulated tension, lose volume or prevent and resolve digestive and intestinal problems.

Genuine Tantric is one of them. Make your appointment now!