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Crystal Massages

Maintaining health and well-being, while balancing work with personal and family life is not easy. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for an extra help to maintain balance, and that help can come, precisely, from a crystal massage!

It's true! Crystals have life and pure energy and therefore can be the best means of transportation to start a journey towards self-knowledge and spiritual growth.  

Understand how it is possible to tune vibrations with crystal massages in Porto, balance your energy and drive away blockages, traumas and negative feelings!


What is crystal massage?

Crystal massage is a therapeutic, aesthetic and relaxing treatment. It is a holistic therapy that works all aspects of the human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All because with the use of crystals, the massage can unblock energy, activate circulation and release emotional, muscular and joint tensions.

Basically, it's about taking advantage of the benefits of the stones energetic vibration to remove toxins, reduce stress, and restore lost balance, and each crystal massage should be adapted to the patient's physical and emotional state.


Why crystals? 

Because crystals have the power to amplify, balance, and conduct energy throughout the body by stimulating nerve endings. 

Effectively, minerals provide high frequency vibrations that can be received by the body, opening intuitive channels, strengthening, harmonizing, and bringing love into the lives of those who use them. 

Of course, in this type of holistic massage, the choice of crystals is not made at random. The therapist needs, first of all, to assess the patient's needs and then choose the best crystals to place on certain areas of the body, mainly on the so-called chakras, and thus perform a cleansing that stimulates and balances vital energies.

In addition, crystals have the ability to promote healing of various diseases and prevent the onset of health problems, provided they are used correctly. 


How did crystal massage come about?

The crystal massage had its origin in the crystallotherapy or therapeutic use of stones and crystals that, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, can restore the physical and spiritual balance. 

There is no concrete data about the place and date when crystal therapy was born, but it is known that the tradition must be almost 5,000 years old, since the technique started to be used in ancient times as a healing tool. 

In fact, the attraction, beauty, and decorative effect of crystals has an ancient origin, as old as the use of stones to increase vitality and rebalance energies.

Indigenous tribes and Egyptian peoples, among others, knew how to take advantage of the healing properties of crystalsvery early on, because they believed that these stones possessed a memory that stored impressions and could be revisited in crystal massage sessions. 

Nowadays, crystal therapy is used not only in the East, but also in the West.

The crystal massage in Genuine Tantric and other areas of the country, has been increasingly sought to assist in different processes of personal transformation and healing ... of body and soul!

Crystal Massage Technique

The technique of crystal massage is based on the application of gemstones on the patient's body, according to what he or she needs at the moment, and also according to the corresponding chakra.

It should be noted that there are seven chakras or energy centers that, when balanced, can provide experiences of harmony, spiritual peace, and interpersonal fulfillment.

And the goal of crystal massages is precisely to channel energetic forces and act deeply in the healing process, as crystals unblock, release, and rebalance energies and emotions. At the same time, they relieve pain and negative emotions.


Properties of the stones most used in massages with crystals in Porto

White quartz

Stimulates, balances, activates energies and is very suitable for meditation.


Pink quartz

Calms, harmonizes, restores self-esteem, and reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Green quartz

It increases vitality and is therefore often used in healing processes for some diseases, and also to combat stress. 



It gives hope and joy and helps to overcome adverse situations. 



Increases the degree of consciousness and spirituality, and is widely used to improve the respiratory system and eliminate anxiety symptoms.



Protects, soothes, fights insomnia, tension and sinusitis. It also helps eliminate pain and accelerates healing.



Relieves deep sadness and aids in the treatment of depression.



Helps with communication problems, calms, and does spiritual, energetic, and physical healing.



Improves the functioning of the digestive system and is used in work environments as the crystal of prosperity.


Benefits of crystal massage

You already realize that gemstones have the ability to unblock and rebalance energies and emotions, but do you know the list of the main benefits of crystal massage?

  • Promotes deep muscle relaxation;
  • Activates blood circulation;
  • Eliminates blockages;
  • Detoxifies;
  • Relieves pain;
  • Reduces stress;
  • Controls anxiety;
  • Calms the mind;
  • Combats depression;
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Increases self-knowledge;
  • Promotes emotional balance;
  • Confers a greater sense of well-being;


Contraindications to crystal massage

FelizmFortunately, crystal massages improve the well-being of any type of patient and are a risk-free treatment if administered by a professional therapist.

Still, take note because crystal massages are contraindicated for people with allergies, mycoses, skin lesions, and inflammatory acnes.

If you are determined to book a crystal massage in Genuine Tantric, click here!  Genuine Tantric has at your disposal a center for holistic therapies and relaxing and tantric massages!