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Massages in Lisbon


Massages are a way to relax, to recover from muscle injuries, to disconnect from the stress of everyday life.

The scientific name given to massages is Massotherapy (therapy through massages).

There are several types of massage: relaxation, physiotherapy, sports massage and tantric massages. It is also possible to divide into energetic - related to our energy points, physical, mental and emotional balance, being also related to the relief of stress, anxiety and even symptoms of depression - and physiological massages - related only to the physical aspect, recovery of Lesions and where we can insert the physiotherapeutic and sports massages.

Getting to know the city of Lisbon

A massage may seem superfluous or unnecessary for those who visit a city, specially if it is the first time here. However, a massage can bring you the relaxation and necessary rest of those who walk days on foot in the "City of 7 hills."

In addition to relaxing massages, in Lisbon it is possible to know more about erotic and tantric massage spaces.

For those who already know Lisbon, this is a new way to relax in your city, discover new places, both the city and yourself.

In the Lisbon Massages we have two massage centers in the center of Lisbon - Genuine Tantric Saldanha (Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, nº 31, 7º A) and Genuine Tantric Chiado (Rua da Trindade, nº 30, 1º Esq). Both spaces are very cozy and enveloping, designed for your comfort and satisfaction.

Discover the best massages in Lisbon.