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Massages in Lisbon

An hour after work or a whole afternoon on the weekend. Alone or with company. To relax, relieve pain or rediscover sexual pleasure. That's how massages are in Lisbon! 

Do you live or work around here? You are in the best place to experience massages from head to toe, but before you enter the first spa that comes your way, discover the benefits of the main massages in Lisbon, choose the one that best fits your goals and schedule a session at a professional massage center, with accredited therapists ready to treat you exclusively. 


Where to get massages in Lisbon?

Like any other large metropolis, the city of Lisbon has numerous spas and massage centers, as well as beauty centers and hair salons where you can have various types of massages. Just set aside an hour of your time (maybe after a full day of work?) and search the internet for a place near you or schedule your session directly at Genuine Tantric, a massage center with facilities in Saldanha and Chiado. Deal?


Types of massages in Lisbon 

Relaxation massage? Of course you can have a relaxation massage in Lisbon, but there are other types of massages and therapies - with unique goals and benefits - that you can also try, whether you want to relax, improve from an injury, or rediscover sexual pleasure. 

Get to know the most popular massages in Lisbon, right now!


Relaxation massage in Lisbon

Stress and anxiety? Muscle tension? Pain and discomfort? Yes, the fast pace of work, poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise are factors that can (and should) lead you to seek a relaxation massage in Lisbon.

Relaxation massage is a technique that blends firm, gentle, and continuous movements to calm body and mind and impart a sense of well-being. It promotes complete relaxation of muscles and joints, increases blood circulation and the flow of nutrients, and removes harmful toxic substances from the body. 


Sports massage in Lisbon

Do you exercise regularly? Then you may be interested in a sports massage in Lisbon. As the name implies, this type of massage is suitable for athletes who need to relieve muscle tension and pain, as it encourages muscles to warm up before training and recover after training, also helping to prevent injuries. In addition, sports massage leaves muscle tissues stronger and more resilient, which ultimately improves performance.



Tantric massage in Lisbon

Would you like to awaken dormant erogenous points? Live unique experiences and enjoy your sexuality without restraints? If you have nothing against a stimulating massage done all over the body, including genital area, we have a solution: book a tantric massage in Lisbon to redistribute sexual energies, get rid of repressed emotions and expand sensibility. 

Can you have an orgasm? You can, of course, but that is not the goal of tantric massage. The therapy does not involve masturbation and focuses on increasing sensory perception and identifying pleasurable areas of the body.


Body to body massage in Lisbon

How about a more innovative tantric massage? The body to body massage in Lisbon, despite having the same objective as the conventional tantric massage, does not use only the hands, but the whole naked body of the masseur to stimulate the patient and awaken the most sensitive areas. Is it sex? No, but it is an erotic massage that involves two bodies sliding over each other in a sensual way. 

Nuru massage in Lisbon

Very similar to a body to body massage, the nuro massage in Lisbon differs from the former for one simple reason: it uses Nuru gel, composed mostly of seaweed with therapeutic and relaxing effects, to make the two bodies glide better, allowing a unique and very pleasant friction sensation.


Lingam massage in Lisbon

Penis massage? It is called lingam massage and you can also do it in several massage centers in Lisbon. But be aware that the goal is not so much ejaculation, but the surrender to a new form of pleasure. In this therapy you will be in an erotic trance, with your orgasmic capacity expanded throughout your entire body, and will also improve erectility and sexual performance.


Yoni massage in Lisbon

Vagina Massage? There are also several spas and massage centers in Lisbon that offer this unique opportunity to experience new sensations of pleasure. The technique goes by the name of yoni massage and is intended for women who need to relax, unblock barriers to their sexuality, get to know their own bodies better and live unique moments of pleasure!


Massage for couples in Lisbon

Would you prefer to bring company? Great, there are also massages for couples in Lisbon, given to two people at the same time. Are they very sexual in nature? Of course, but they also have the ability to improve intimacy because they foster the sharing of new experiences and sensations that create another level of trust and surrender.


Benefits of massages in Lisbon

From excitement to the feeling of relaxation, massages in Lisbon only bring benefits!

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Relieve tension and muscle pain.
  • Decrease physical and mental fatigue.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Promote awareness of one's own body.
  • Strengthen and improve muscle elasticity.
  • Prevent muscular problems.
  • Explore and intensify sensations.
  • Activate various energetic and erogenous points.
  • Eradicate sexual blockages and dysfunctions.
  • Promote balance and well-being.


Massage prices in Lisbon 

You don't even need to search for massage prices in Lisbon, because we already advance that they vary a lot depending on the type of massage and spa or beauty center where it is practiced, and that accredited professionals and spaces specialized only in massages, tend to charge higher values. Even so, and just so you have an idea, a sports massage in Lisbon may cost 50€ and a tantric massage may reach 200€.