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Erotic Massage in Lisbon

One of the best ways to free ourselves on a sexual level is through erotic massage. Erotic massage is considered an intimate massage since it is focused on pleasure.

In this type of massage is used the hands, the body and even accessories to reach all points of the body. There are two types of erotic massages, one for the woman and the other for the man, but both are complete massages.

For women, Genuine Tantric recommends the Yoni Massage (massage for women). A stimulating massage for women, whose main objective is to unlock barriers to women's sexuality by toning the vaginal muscles.

Objectives of Yoni Massage - An erotic massage

  • Develop new possibilities of pleasure, under a new proprioceptive perspective;
  • Provide sensory development, capable of waking up mechanisms linked to growth, expansion and altered states of consciousness;
  • Promote the experience of multiple orgasms;
  • Provide women with greater awareness of their body, through the touch and discovery of new sensations, throughout the body, including Yoni;
  • Recognition of their sensory and orgasmic potential.

For men, Genuine Tantric recommends the Lingam Massage (massage for men). A penile massage that aims to offer numerous benefits and advantages to the man.

The Lingam Massage is not a massage to excite a man, it is only made for men who want to achieve the self-knowledge of their own body.

Benefits of Lingam Massage - An erotic massage

  • Offer a number of benefits not normally found in conventional massages where the penis is not touched;
  • Provide the man with a genital touch, considered intimate;
  • Recognition of their sensory and orgasmic potential;
  • Promoting physical, emotional and spiritual advantages, helps in the solution of problems such as premature ejaculation and for cases of impotence;