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Therapeutic Massage

If a relaxing massage opens a smile on your face and causes good feelings, what about a therapeutic massage that in addition to relaxing, frees you from pain and physical and psychological malaise?

When performed by qualified therapists, therapeutic massage is essential to rebalance the body's various systems. It is true that it relaxes, but it goes further: it relieves pain, complements the treatment of various illnesses, allows a faster recovery from injuries and reduces stress and anxiety, among other benefits that you will discover later in this article.


What is a Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is a localized massage that has a therapeutic objective, that is, it aims at the relief of pain or even the gradual recovery of an affected area.

And it achieves this through manual and methodical maneuvers, applied to the patient's body, which, in time, translate into improvements in terms of comfort, relaxation and reduction or even elimination of a specific pain: pain resulting from stress, muscle pain, pain due to poor posture or repetitive efforts, etc.


How to do Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage, although localized, can be performed throughout the body, even though the therapeutic massage therapist works with special attention on the most sensitive area, through pressure movements, friction and muscle manipulation, for intense relaxation and physical well-being general.

Even so, we must note that the therapeutic massage method differs from the relaxation massage method in that its ultimate goal is not to leave the patient relaxed, but “treated”.

In some clinical cases, massage therapy may even be recommended by a doctor as part of a larger treatment plan, including cancer treatment.


Types of Therapeutic Massages

There are many types of therapeutic massages at your disposal, so the ideal is to check which one is the best, taking into account your objective or treatment plan.

However, we will list below the most popular therapeutic massages with proven effectiveness: sports massage, ayurvedic massage, shiatsu massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage and Swedish massage.


Sports massage

If you practice any more intense physical activity, sports massage (before or after training) is excellent for fighting muscle pain and fatigue. In addition, it helps prevent stress injuries and increases your physical performance.

Ayurvedic massage

If you are looking for a physical and psychological treatment, Ayurvedic massage can help!

This massage created in India, is done on the floor through gentle and vigorous stretching movements (with hands, elbows and feet) to relieve tension and pain, and realign posture. It is also used to release harmful toxins from muscles, regulate blood pressure and improve lymphatic circulation.

Shiatsu massage

If you want to release vital energy, schedule a shiatsu session. This therapeutic massage consists of pressure movements through the fingers and the palm of the hand (sometimes the elbow is also used) to work energetic points in order to promote balance, fight anxiety and muscle tension, relieve physical pain, prevent pathologies, treating chronic diseases, etc.

Thai massage

If you are looking for a kind of passive yoga, Thai massage may be the solution! Done on the floor, traditionally under a mat, this therapy - which does not use oils - is performed through stretching, traction and pressure movements in the patient's body to release energy in order to provide greater natural balance, flexibility and relief of muscle tension.

Hot stone massage

If you've always been curious about hot stone massage, it's time to try it out. Here, flat, heated stones (placed on the spine, feet, head...) are used to treat specific parts of the patient's body.

The heat that the stones emanate, warms the muscles and helps them to relax, allowing them to be worked without great pressure, but with great results: improving blood circulation, relieving stress and muscle tension!

Swedish massage

If you want to relax your muscles and promote your physical and emotional health, our focus is on Swedish massage.

It is one of the most recommended therapeutic massages to relax and, at the same time, to improve blood flow, cardiovascular activity and also reduce recovery time in case of muscle injuries, stimulating tissue with excess lactic acid, uric acid and others metabolic losses.

Terapeutico massagge benefits

Therapeutic massage has several benefits for your health and physical and emotional well-being, including:

  • Has an analgesic effect in case of chronic pain;
  • Improves mobility;
  • Increases the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles;
  • Helps in muscle recovery;
  • Assists in the recovery of injuries by repetitive effort;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Helps to eliminate toxins;
  • Relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Reduces fatigue.


Therapeutic massages in Genuine Tantric

A massage is always welcome, isn't it? And if you take into account that diseases related to tension and stress are increasing and that massage therapy, among other therapies, can and should be adopted in your routine as an integral part of preventive medicine, you have an extra reason to look for therapeutic massages.

And if you live, work or are passing through Porto or Lisbon, we have good news: there are several therapeutic massage clinics that you can turn to to relieve your physical and psychological pain!

Genuine Tantric Porto is one of them! By applying pressure on certain lines and energy points in your body, our massage therapists are able to reduce stress and tension, balancing body and mind!

Come to us and immerse yourself in a magical sensation! At Genuine Tantric you will find a wide range of therapeutic massages , but also erotic, tantric and sensual massages!