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Manual Massage

If you live or work in the capital, you know how busy days can cause stress, anxiety and physical and psychological discomfort. But perhaps you still don't know or have felt (literally) on your skin the benefits of a manual massage in Lisbon. For a start, you will relax, regain energy and eliminate tiredness.

Finally, you'll stop feeling muscle pain, migraines and insomnia and you'll regain your fitness and joy of living!

So you have half an hour free and are you willing to experiment with sliding, rubbing and kneading techniques? Great because spas and manual massage centers in Lisbon abound! But before you pick up the phone to schedule a session, read this article and understand how different types of manual massages can activate the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous and energetic systems in order to provide a wonderful feeling of relaxation and revitalization of body and mind.


What is manual massage?

Manual massage is a technique that belongs to the area of ​​beauty care, aesthetics and physical and mental well-beingthat is based on the massage therapist's hand movements to achieve different goals, whether they are related to muscle toning and recovery, with balance internal organs and nervous system, with the improvement of body esthetics or with general well-being.

There are different types of manual massages with different functions, but the main objective of the technique is always to apply the right movements to accelerate the body's metabolism and produce and balance vital energy, considerably improving the patient's quality of life.

Manual massage deeply relaxes, eliminates anxiety and stress, stimulates the immune system, renews the body's defense cells and eliminates (or at least reduces) mild pain. In short, manual massage in Lisbon (and in any other part of the country and the world!) provides physiological, psychological and bodily benefits!


How did manual massage come about?

Everything indicates that massage appeared in Prehistory. There are archaeological records that show that body friction with the hands was already used at that time to prevent injuries, relieve pain and promote well-being. It is believed that ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Chinese and Japanese civilizations used manual massage since 3000 BC.

The healing properties of massage were first mentioned in 2800 BC in the “Yellow Emperor's Book” and since then applied and improved by different cultures and with different styles, all over the world.

First by the Greek and Roman peoples, who always placed great value on health and beauty.

Then by the Western people, even though massage was banned in Europe during the Middle Ages, as physical contact was considered sinful by the Catholic Church. In fact, it was necessary to wait until the 1960s for some European countries to start accepting massage as a therapeutic treatment.


Types of hand massage

There are several types of manual massage in Genuine Tantric, from classic massage to relax to tantric massage to awaken dormant erogenous zones, so we decided to bring together a set of techniques with suggestions for all tastes, desires and needs.

Discover the different options and choose your manual massage in Lisbon!


Classic hand massage

Classic manual massage is aimed at total relaxation and reduction of muscle pain, through gentle movements to activate blood circulation and oxygenate cells.


Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage aims to relieve pain by promoting muscle relaxation, removing toxins and rebalancing energy. It is a massage technique much sought after by patients who want to recover from an injury or eliminate tension or muscle pain.



Aromatherapy aims to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and combat insomnia (among other problems), through manual movements combined with the use of aromas of essential oils that stimulate certain parts of the brain.


Hot Stone Massage

The massage with hot stones aims to increase blood and lymphatic flow to promote detoxification, weight loss and unblocking the energy pathways, since in addition to manual movements, it uses temperature: hot stones to bring heat to the deepest tissues, to help release toxins.


Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage aims to reduce the measures, through precise movements with the hands that eliminate toxins and help in weight loss processes. In addition, this technique is very relaxing and promotes a great feeling of physical and psychological well-being.



Shiatsu aims to improve blood circulation and balance vital energy to provide well-being and help treat anxiety and insomnia. It is also one of the most suitable techniques to relieve migraines, menstrual cramps, contracture pain and poor posture.


Tantric massage

Tantric massage aims to redistribute sexual energies, expand sensitivity and provide erotic experiences without strings attached. It is a technique performed throughout the patient's body, through subtle maneuvers with the fingers, capable of stimulating the sensory channels and awakening the senses. The technique usually includes manual massage of the female and male genitals, to increase the body's self-awareness and awaken dormant erogenous points.

Benefits of hand massage

After getting to know some types of manual massage in Lisbon and understanding what its functions are, it is important to take note, as a whole, of the main benefits of manual massage for body and mind. There they are:

  • Body relaxation;
  • Feeling of physical and psychological well-being;
  • Control of stress and anxiety;
  • Decrease in tiredness and insomnia;
  • Relief from tension, muscle pain and headaches;
  • Activation of blood circulation;
  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Stabilization of blood pressure;
  • Promotion of skin elasticity;
  • Improvement of the skin's appearance;
  • Balance of the intestinal system;
  • Elimination of toxins;
  • Cell renewal.


Contraindications to manual massage

Contraindications for manual massage are subdivided into absolute and relative contraindications. The first case includes patients with spinal trauma, recent fractures, tumors, cancer, thrombosis, fever or infection.

In the second case, patients who are not recommended massage treatments because they have heart problems, blood circulation, varicose veins, open wounds, skin diseases and severe eczema, hernias, osteoporosis or diabetes. Finally, manual massage should not be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy.

In any case, it is always best to seek advice from your GP.

For more information on hand massages in Genuine Tantric, please consult Genuine Tantric. We have two massage centers in the heart of the city where you can stop, come and enjoy to relax and recover energy!