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Female orgasm, with pleasure!

It is part of its nature, this biological capacity to feel pleasure. So you shouldn't be shy to look for more information about female orgasm, either to get to know your body better and get there, or to get more intense and prolonged experiences.

A few years ago, female orgasm was a taboo subject, but today it is a topic addressed without constraint, not least because it is something beneficial for the physical and emotional well being of women, in particular, and of couples, in general.

Therefore, valuable information and tips to get to know and maximize the orgasm in women, are a gateway to that place where happiness lives, called the climax!


What is female orgasm?

Female orgasm is an intense sexual pleasure, achieved by women through sexual intercourse, masturbation, massage, visual stimulation or other means, and caused by strong rhythmic contractions, essentially in the vagina, which increase in intensity until they reach the so-called climax.

Orgasm in women is like that, and in a more scientific language, a chemical discharge of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and serotonin) that provides a moment of extreme pleasure, since all tension arising from stimulation is finally achieved.

Still, each case is different and different women experience female orgasm in different ways, some of which do not feel it at all and end up losing great benefits to their physical and psychological health.


How is female orgasm?

Female orgasm is a sensation of great pleasure that can be described as a heat wave that spreads throughout the body as a series of muscle spasms.

And this is because, the female orgasm, besides varying from woman to woman, depends on the origin, intensity and duration of the stimulus. Hence it is customary to list various types of female orgasm, the most common of which are clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm.


Clitoral orgasm

This type of female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the clitoris and is often described by women as the most intense orgasm they can feel.

In fact, as there are many nerve endings around the clitoris (an organ located above the vaginal opening and the urethra), it is natural that this is considered the primary source of female sexual pleasure.


Vaginal orgasm

This type of female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the vagina during sexual intercourse, that is, during penetration into the deepest part of the vagina.

Although clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm are the main forms of female sexual pleasure, there are other types of female orgasm, such as orgasm with stimulation of the G-spot or U-point (urethra), anal orgasm and even breast orgasm.


How to achieve female orgasm?

There are some successful tips for achieving female orgasm and enjoying an intense feeling of pleasure.

First of all, if you have difficulty reaching orgasm, you should try different sexual positions to reach the most pleasurable position, which for most women is usually the one that permits penetration and, at the same time, stimulation of the clitoris.

You should touch or masturbate to get to know your own body better and understand what are your erogenous zones, those that give you the greatest pleasure.

You can also practice pompoarism, an intimate gym that relaxes and strengthens the muscles of the vaginal region and provides several benefits for female health and sexuality.

How about trying erotic accessories to increase pleasure, including a vibrator?

Last but not least, you should try a tantric massage or even a yoni massage. The first, by focusing on the redistribution of the body's sexual energies, expands its sensitivity and sexuality and provides intense experiences, including orgasm.

The second, because it involves touching the vagina, is able to release feelings of pleasure that you did not know and for this reason it is very effective in unblocking barriers to sexuality. So much so - and although the goal is not that - some women even achieve multiple orgasms in a single session of yoni massage.

If you have difficulty reaching orgasm, book a tantric massage or a yoni massage at Genuine Tantric.

Dare to get to know your body better and experience indescribable sensations! 


How long does the female orgasm last?

On average, orgasm in women lasts 10 seconds. However, there are women who feel this sensation of pleasure for a minute and others who feel it only for brief moments.

Regardless of the time it takes for an orgasm, a woman can have between 9 and 12 contractions until she reaches a climax, the height of arousal, when the body releases a significant amount of substances to the brain, which increase pleasure and well-being physicist.


How does the female orgasm work?

It isn't complicated to explain how the female orgasm works.

It all starts when a woman is stimulated (by masturbation, sexual intercourse, erotic massage or any other source of arousal) and sends signals of pleasure to the brain through the nervous system.

In fact, 99% of the orgasm process takes place in the brain, where the sensation of pleasure is allowed until it reaches its maximum exponent!

At that time, for brief but precious seconds, the muscles near the genitals contract in a rhythmic manner and the rapid release of muscle tension sends waves of pleasure through the genital area and along the pelvic area.

In addition to the pulsation at the entrance of the vagina, the woman can feel the orgasm all over her body! Including showing a unique facial expression of "I'm almost there", dilated pupils, fast heart and more sensitive nipples, among other changes.

It should be noted that for most women, it is easier to achieve a clitoral orgasm, by touching the external genital area, than to reach a vaginal orgasm during penetration.

Still, in one thing they are unanimous: after orgasm, they feel relaxed and satisfied.

If after orgasm, the brain releases a neurotransmitter called oxytocin that is responsible for relaxation sensation, which is why an orgasm can enhance a good night's sleep! It is so perks!

Still on the functioning of the female orgasm, there is a reference with the aging process, since women can suffer more time to reach orgasm and precisely the new stimuli to achieve it. One of these stimuli is an erotic massage!

Between tantric massages, yoni massages and even spicy massages for couples, Genuine Tantric has at your disposal all the necessary techniques to never abandon pleasure. Contact us!