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Benefits of Massages

It is not even necessary to resort to results of studies on the benefits of massages, when patients are unanimous: they know well and do even better!

They relax, relieve pain, fight anxiety, improve the quality of sleep and even increase libido!

Through sliding, friction and compression techniques, massages work on the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, bringing added value to physical and mental health.


Physical benefits of massages

Relaxing, sporty, tantric, shaping, Californian, Abhyanga, Swedish, erotic massage ... regardless of the type of massage you choose, you will feel great physical and psychological benefits!

Of course, you may already know that after a stressful day or a particularly busy week, there is nothing like a massage to regain energy, but ... what exactly happens to your body during and after that moment of delight?

That's what we're going to talk about next!


Stimulate blood circulation

Let's start with one of the great benefits of massages: they stimulate blood circulation, helping to quickly transport the necessary amounts of oxygenated blood throughout the body.


Relieve chronic pain

Massages are also excellent for relieving chronic pain in the back, neck and joints.

As they promote blood circulation, they end muscle tension, reduce inflammation and consequently. reduce pain, including in pathologies such as fibromyalgia and disc problems.


Relieve muscle pain

Muscle pain also seems to magically disappear with massage because, once again, these techniques improve circulation, allowing blood and nutrients to flow to the muscles, and relieving pain.


Keeps blood pressure under control

As they promote circulation and reduce heart rate, massages keep blood pressure under control.


Strengthen the immune system

Neutralize viral infections? It's for now! One of the great benefits of massage is that it keeps the immune system strong and resistant to the entry of foreign elements.


Improve sleep quality

The deep relaxation you feel during and after a massage is perfect for reducing sleep disturbances. Just one session after a busy day and you can sleep the sleep of the just and regain your energy and vitality!


Prevent heart problems

The habit of investing in regular massage sessions helps your heart to maintain normal functional levels and, consequently, to maintain the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and to avoid heart problems.


Improve the appearance of the skin

Would you like to have a young and shiny skin? Massages take care of that too! Whether on the face or body, many therapies are excellent for restoring elasticity and shine and combating signs of aging.


Maintains the proper functioning of the digestive and urinary system

The digestive system and urinary system can also benefit after a massage. The internal organs, like the liver, start to work properly and reduce stomach and intestinal problems (because massage helps in gastric secretions).


Help treat arthritis

More benefits of massages for your health? Several studies reveal that they help to reduce pain and stiffness in cases of arthritis (chronic inflammation of the joints).


Reduce cancer problems

It has been scientifically proven that extensive massage sessions alleviate various types of problems caused by cancer cells, such as pain, fatigue and nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy.


Increase libido

Tantric massages, for example, unlock emotions, arouse erotic energy and spread pleasurable sensations throughout the body, increasing libido and treating possible sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation and dyspareunia.

And that's not all! Massages also relieve muscle tension, help improve athletes' performance and recover from injuries.

They lower blood pressure, boost breathing, promote lymphatic drainage and control diabetes, among other physical benefits of massage.

Psychological benefits of massages

Stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks... A small symptom can turn into a psychological problem for life, if you don't give it due attention. Fortunately, massages are part of the oldest therapies in human history to relieve pain ... in the body and mind!

Read on to learn about the main psychological benefits of massage.



Relaxation is one of the main benefits of massages.

In a peaceful environment, with soft music and fragrances of aromatherapy, any massage frees your body from the accumulated tension, preventing you from producing cortisol (stress hormone) that can cause anxiety, but also headaches, stomach problems, etc.

In addition, massages improve mood and give you back the lost joy!


Reduce stress

Would you like to reduce your stress levels right away and see that effect go on for several days? Because massages can help you achieve this goal, as they soothe, reduce muscle stiffness, remove anxiety and improve blood circulation and breathing.


Fight anxiety

Love. Work. Health. Family problems… various spheres of your life can lead to a state of anxiety, but massage sessions can reduce you to nothing!


Help control panic attacks

When anxiety begins to get the better of you and results in a frame of worry and fear that generates physical reactions, your body may experience a panic attack in response to the rise in blood pressure.

Now, therapeutic massages help to counteract this extreme of anxiety because they relax the muscles and reduce blood pressure and heart rate.


Reduce irritability and depression

Massages have been proven to reduce the amount of norepinephrine that the body produces (a neurotransmitter that intensifies depression).

And this is particularly important for preventing or reducing irritability and depression, stimulating positive feelings, combating mood swings and improving socialization.


Improve quality of life

People with mental problems can see their quality of life increase with massage sessions and thus reduce the consequences and side effects of medication and treatments.

It should be added that the psychological benefits of massages do not end here!

In addition to helping to relax body and mind, they are able to improve concentration, foster cognitive qualities and raise self-esteem!


Benefits of massages in Lisbon

The positive effects of massages, whether physiological or psychological, are particularly important for people who live and / or work in large cities and experience the daily bustle every day.

Traffic, restlessness in the streets, anxiety, stress, difficulty in reconciling work and family life, are feelings that can be neutralized during a massage.

It tastes good, does well and promises to spread tranquility for a few days

But the benefits of massages in Lisbon do not end here! With more or less energetic hand movements, therapists and massage therapists are also able to strengthen the immune system, alleviate muscle tension and different types of chronic pain and improve the health and well-being of their patients in general!

Don't let any kind of disorder affect your life! Book a massage today at the Genuine Tantric in Lisbon.

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