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Spa in Porto

Is it possible to relax and find the natural balance in a cozy space right in the center of Porto? Of course yes! There are several Spa in Porto where you can (and should!) Revitalize your body and mind with new experiences that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Massages, treatments, therapies, exclusive rituals… in fact, there are many ways to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and concentrate only on your pleasure and well-being!

Whether in a hotel, a gym or a massage center, invest in a half-day Spa in Porto from time to time, to restore balance in your body and mind, and improve your health and well-being!

It is natural that in view of the diversity of the offer in the best Spa in Porto, you feel lost when choosing a treatment adjusted to your needs: Jacuzzi? Relaxing massage in an Urban Spa? Sports massage in a Gym Spa? Tantric therapyin an Oriental Spa? We advise you to continue reading to understand the best special care for you!


Types of Spa in Porto

You will find several types of Spa in Porto to escape the madness of day-to-day life, relieve stress and enjoy unique moments. Some even offer massages that work out the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Come and discover the main types of Spa in Porto!


Urban Spa

The best Spa in Porto are included in the so-called Urban Spa, which is the type of modern Spa that you can find in hotels and massage centers in large cities, and that offers a wide range of massages, including non-invasive medical procedures.


Medical Spa

The Medical Spa is a type of Spa that offers massages and treatments according to a medical approach, to improve some aspect of the patient's life: from the elimination of low back pain to the reduction of wrinkles or the help to quit tobacco addiction, for example.


Hotel Spa

The Hotel Spa is part of a hotel and offers, as a general rule, aesthetic and relaxation massages to its customers, whether or not they are staying.


Gym Spa

The Gym Spa is part of the services of some gyms and sports clubs that intend to expand the range of offer with sports therapies and massages to relieve muscle pain and improve the performance of their athletes.


Oriental Spa

The Oriental Spa goes hand in hand with traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and offers massages according to a holistic approach that aims to balance body, mind and spirit.


Spa Treatments in Porto

We know that you are enthusiastic about this subject, but before starting to search for the best Spa in Porto, it is important to identify your desires and needs to choose, among the various types of massages available, which is the ideal treatment for you. For example:



Available in the best Spa in Porto, the hydromassage, in addition to providing a feeling of peace and comfort, has several benefits for your health. That's because heat activates blood circulation and relieves pressure on the joints, but it also reduces stress and improves sleep quality!


Relax massage

Relax massage increases blood circulation and flexibility, creating a feeling of well-being, reducing stress and relieving pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, common in patients who cannot avoid the fast pace of modern times.


Sport massage

Sport massage, before or after a workout, is perfect for fighting muscle pain and fatigue and restoring energy. It also improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and helps prevent injuries and maximize performance during exercise.


Tantric massage

Tantric massage aims to increase self-knowledge of the body, redistribute sexual energies, awaken various energetic and erogenous points through touch and thus expand sensitivity.

Unlike a traditional massage that mainly affects muscles and tendons, tantric massage reaches sensory channels, through subtle touches with the fingers throughout the body… not to relax, but to awaken energy!


Lingam massage

Lingam massage promotes self-knowledge of sexuality and erectility in men and although it does not aim at orgasm, by releasing all tensions, it enhances an erotic trance that allows an expansion of orgasmic capacity throughout the entire body.


Yoni massage

The Yoni massage is indicated for women who need to overcome conditionalities and traumas that are interfering with their sexuality or who simply want to know their body better and explore new sensations of pleasure.

The yoni massage technique includes touches that release energy, intensify the production of fundamental hormones for libido, help to relax and even lead the patient to achieve multiple orgasms.


Body to body massage

Body to body massage - or body to body - is designed to stimulate the patient, awaken sleeping erogenous areas and create a sensation of intense pleasure.

For this, the masseuse uses her hands, but also the rest of her body (aided by some oil) to enhance a total relaxation effect that allows the enjoyment of unique emotions.

Porto Spa Prices

Do not waste your time searching for Spa prices in Porto. The values depend a lot on the place, duration of treatment and type of massage you would like to try: a massage on the legs, for example, can be around 30€, while a lingam massagecan be around 150€.

On the other hand, a tantric massage for two hours can cost you around 200€ and a relaxing massage, 40€.

In this sense, the best thing is to click here, see the range of massages from Genuine Tantric Porto, choose your favorite and get in touch to request the price!