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Bioenergetic Massage

You are not alone! Other people also silence feelings throughout their lives, eventually forming an unconscious and invisible - but insurmountable! - that consumes all vital energy.

How to solve it? With a bioenergetic massage! The best way to relax and calm body and mind.

Effectively, what affects the mind affects the body. And what affects the body affects the mind because the whole individual is a psychosomatic unit.

Thus, the psychological defenses you use to deal with stress or physical pain are unconsciously suspended in the body and become part of your identity.

Notice that the very word "depression" means "de-pressure", that is, lack of internal pressure or circulation of energy. So if you understand the nature of your problem and are willing to promote a balance of energies, read this article!


What is bioenergetic massage?

It is a therapeutic technique that aims to manipulate muscles, tissues and joints in order to restore the patient's physical and mental well-being.

On the physical level, massage aims to improve the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

On an emotional level, it aims to release accumulated tensions and let positive energy flow.

In this way, bioenergetic massage balances, and this leads the patient to feel lighter for day-to-day activities, because he or she has managed to regain the self-confidence necessary to face concerns and problems in a more constructive way.

The result? Improved health and quality of life!


What is the origin of bioenergetic massage?

Bioenergetic massages first appeared in India.

As early as 1880, Hindus were already applying this type of relaxing massage, using gentle, strategic touches to unblock stagnant energy.

However, only after medical research in the field of osteopathy began to study human energy circuits from an electromagnetic point of view, and to use bioenergetic massage techniques adapted to scientific massage methods to promote positive physiological and emotional changes in patients.


How is bioenergetic massage performed?

Through touch, sliding, pressure, and vibration massages on the so-called energy channels (meridians) that are located in the heart, lungs, kidney, and intestines, among other organs.

Although it is included in the group of relaxing massages, bioenergetic treatment can make use of various tools (such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and music therapy), and also electronic devices like electric gloves, to generate beneficial electrical impulses, reach the nerve endings, and balance the electrical charge of human cells.

In this way, it improves blood circulation, increases the body's bioenergy level, restores the balance of Yin-Yang energies, and achieves a general preventive effect on physical and mental health. 

Still, as this massage aims for balance and well-being, it is very concerned with how the person is feeling before starting each session, and starts from there, customizing the relaxation movements according to the individual's profile.

In the end - and regardless of the type of specific problem - all patients begin to feel calmer and more peaceful, able to minimize anxiety or depression and improve their physical health.

Bioenergetic Massage Method

The method is based on the principle that the human body can suffer illnesses that come from the aura, an energy that surrounds the physical body of any living being.

Thus, when the physical body becomes ill, the disorder may have been caused by the aura and stopped with therapies such as bioenergetic massage, whose body touches go beyond the physical body and reach subtle energies, providing balance to a whole.


Bioenergetic Massage Technique

The bioenergetic massage technique is therapeutic. It uses the principle of observing the rhythm of subtle energies to manipulate the whole body, with controlled pressures at the superficial and deep levels, in order to relax contracted muscles and help the patient to break through emotional blockages and release tensions accumulated today, yesterday... and throughout one's life!

As a general rule, bioenergetic massages are performed with the hands (with or without the help of essential oils) and work the body in various positions to activate the mental and physical plane.  

If the therapist uses a fast intensity, the massage has a stimulating and detoxifying effect, and promotes blood circulation. If the therapist uses a slow intensity, it has a calming and relaxing effect.


Benefits of Bioenergetic Massage

The benefits of bioenergetic massage include the physical, mental, and emotional plane.

  • It improves the functioning of the muscular system, circulatory system, and nervous system.
  • Relieves physical pain, such as migraines.
  • Promotes recovery from bruises and illnesses.
  • Treats problems in muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Assists in cellular renewal.
  • Controls high blood pressure.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Relaxes and calms down.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Decreases anxiety symptoms.
  • Combats depression.
  • Promotes emotional balance.
  • Helps eliminate fatigue.
  • Maximizes the feeling of vitality.
  • Increases self-esteem.


Contraindications to bioenergetic massage

Like other types of relaxing massages, bioenergetic massage is not recommended for pregnant women or patients with recent fractures, traumas, injuries, open wounds, herniated discs, skin infections, inflammations, fever, deep vein thrombosis, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and tumors, among other health problems.

It is also very important to look for a qualified therapist to give you a quality massage that brings all the benefits of bioenergy, and that raises your self-esteem from the very first session.

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