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The Importance of the Lingam Massage in a Man's Life

The lingam massage is a relaxing massage for men. Since it’s a therapy focused on the male genital (lingam), this type of tantric massage offers many benefits and advantages.

It is a practice that uses techniques that activate sexual energy and relieves men from blockages that may prevent them from experiencing deep sexual pleasure.

Although orgasm is not the goal of this type of massage, but it can be part of a pleasant outcome.

Through pressure points on specific locations, it can enable the production of "hormones of happiness" such as serotonin receptors, endorphins and oxytocins, which men can experience spiritual and energy effects.

Due to several roadblocks that ail most men today, the lingam massage offers a number of benefits that aren’t normally found in conventional massage.

Benefits of lingam massage:

  • Helps in sexual dysfunction (ejaculation, impotence, lack of libido);
  • Increases the time of erection;
  • Provides multiple orgasms, ejaculations and dry orgasms (non-ejaculatory);
  • Reveals blockages and psychological and emotional trauma that may be inhibiting the flow of energy and the orgasmic experience;
  • Awakens areas that are sensory asleeped;
  • Connects the voice and breath to feelings and emotions;
  • Gives men he encouragement to trust, surrender and relax on this pleasant experience.