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How to spice up the relationship?

The routine, if you catch an open breach, install yourself! That is why any couple should take note of some tips to spice up the relationship in order to keep the flame of passion burning and not enter into sameness, in a companionship relationship without much benefit from sexuality.

And the good news is that it’s even fun to put in practice some of the suggestions to spice up the relationship and escape, whenever necessary, from everyday habits.

Remember that despite the strong bonds they feel for each other, it is natural that the passage of time diminished the mood, interest and even sexual excitement. But also remember to contract this trend, following simpler or bolder tips to return the flame to the forgotten fire. 


What is it to spice up the relationship?

Spicing up the relationship is an expression used to designate a series of efforts (preferably pleasurable) that can be put into practice to rekindle the flame in a relationship that has fallen out of routine, that is, to return interest and excitement lost or asleep.

And that is because in the beginning, any relationship involving two people in love has the flame lit 24 hours a day because a series of chemical changes are taking place that increase energy levels and keep the focus on love.

But over time, the passion phase fades and the companionship phase begins, associated with other substances that the body releases, such as oxytocin and vasopressin, which transmit a greater feeling of comfort and security.

Now, although this phase is not exactly negative, it also doesn't have the spark of the early days and therefore there is no harm in looking for ways to spice up the relationship with activities that remind the brain of the lustful part of the relationship and that even enhance new ones. and better sexual experiences.


How to spice up the relationship?

Know now some of the best ideas to spice up the relationship that can work as true aphrodisiacs in your relationship, making it more exciting!



Do you have 15 minutes of sex every now and then? Well, the first of the tips to spice up the relationship is to bet on the foreplay because the postponement of orgasm stimulates the desire. Rediscover the power of a kiss, explore erogenous areas with gentle touches, nibbles, kisses: from the earlobes to the inner thighs, through the neck, lips and lower abdomen!


Erotic articles

If you've never shopped at a sex shop or ordered erotic items online, it's time to get started in this wonderful new world with a variety of clothing and accessories that can increase pleasure during sex: fantasies, handcuffs, whips, vibrators ...

Ideas don't will miss to spice up the relationship, increase life for two and increase the degree of satisfaction!


Sexual fantasies

Nothing like making sexual fantasies come true to spice up the relationship. At first it can be a little embarrassing to talk about your desires and fetishes, but over time you will realize that this is natural and fundamental for a more pleasurable relationship, in addition to the fact that sexual fantasies break the routine (how can it not?): Her to appear dressed as a nurse, he was a fireman. She was a high school student, he was a doctor...


Tantric massages

Tantric massages are always excellent resources to renew intimacy, release energy, discover new erogenous points, end blocks and… enjoy!

Just go slowly through your partner's body with your fingertips (including genitals), but if you don't know how to do a tantric massage, book a session (individually or together) at a massage center like Genuine Tantric where you can experience a explosion of unique sensations! And then take the tips, to try at home!


Erotic Movies

And because sometimes the problem is not the lack of creativity, but the lack of initiative to start having sex, how about watching erotic movies or even watching pornographic films together? During the film, take the time to comment, to caress, exchange ideas, imitate the scenes…


How to spice up the relationship with simple things

Well, but if your daring has limits, find out other tips to spice up the relationship with simple things that will also work beautifully to renew your passion.

  • Talk more, because communication is essential in any relationship to find the cause and solution to any problems, including the unwillingness to have sex;
  • Buy sensual lingerie;
  • Prepare a romantic dinner with aphrodisiac food and drink;
  • Return to your first meeting place because the memories of more passionate times provide nights of hot sex;
  • Spend the weekend away, as even a short trip is always exciting and when you feel happy, you feel more willing to have sex;
  • Once in a while, prepare the room: adjust the lighting, use aromatic candles, colored lamps, open a bottle of wine or champagne, listen to suggestive music, etc;
  • Try different positions. You don't need to follow the Kama Sutra's directions, but you also don't need to always make love in the same positions when there's so much to explore!;
  • The same applies to the time and place where they usually have sex. Vary! Whether indoors or out, in the morning, afternoon or evening, there are golden alternatives to spice up a relationship.


Tips to spice up the distance relationship

And in case you are far from each other, do not be discouraged because we also have tips to spice up the distance relationship that will make you red hot!

And the first is - as it should be - sexting, that is, provoking themselves through bolder text or voice messages, talking about sex, with the words that are necessary to show what they are feeling and what they want.

It will also be interesting to exchange nudes, photos in which they are naked or with little clothes to spice up the relationship in a way of "look what I have for you!"

And if none of these tips to spice up the relationship work, we have one more suggestion that you can enjoy right here at Genuine Tantric: Massages for couples, a way to experience sexual pleasure with full intensity