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Types of Male Orgasms

We are going to talk to you about different types of male orgasm: the orgasm of the asthmatic (ah, ah, ah, ah ...); the orgasm of the geography teacher (here, here, here ...); the orgasm of the financial analyst (more, more, more…), the religious (my God!), the murderer (if you stop, I'll kill you)...

Of course, it is not about these types of orgasms that we are going to talk about in this article, but about the most common ways that men reach their climax!

Because there are a variety of ways and directions to get there and all paths are valid, including straight, by shortcuts or ravines!

Fortunately, orgasm is no longer a taboo subject and we can even have fun talking about it, isn't it? But still, there are some items to explore in this maximum exponent of pleasure, which is not as basic as it seems.

It gives different ways of experiencing and feeling that lead to different types of male orgasm, although at the base are common sensations: contraction of the penis, prostate and pelvic region; increased heart rate and blood pressure; rapid breathing; muscle tension and then total relaxation and a “good thing!”.

However, in between there are several ways to get there and release tension. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to pleasure. From traditional orgasm to orgasm in the prostate, through multiple orgasm, total orgasm, intense orgasm, fast orgasm and anal orgasm.


Traditional orgasm

Let's start the list of types of male orgasm by traditional or conventional orgasm, which, given all things, has no great mystery: erection first, ejaculation later.

That is, the man gets excited, accumulates sperm in the posterior urethra and then expels him, feeling enormous pleasure.

Well, but this is just the description of the common orgasm - which can even happen involuntarily - and there are other ways to feel it, as we will see below!


Multiple orgasm

Women are better prepared to have multiple orgasms, but men can also have multiple orgasms during penetration, although not all are accompanied by ejaculation.

Right at puberty, even, young people are able to have multiple orgasms due to the lack of refractory period (period that occurs after ejaculation) and then, in adulthood, this is one of the most desired types of orgasm to obtain!

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Total orgasm

When it comes to types of male orgasms, some can give a lot of pleasure and others ... a total pleasure! And it's about the seconds that we're going to talk about now.

Total orgasm is explosive, occurs after various forms of stimulation and results in an intense tingling or tickling sensation from head to toe, from the genitals to the head, trunk and limbs.

Hence it is called total orgasm, as it extends throughout the entire body. Therefore, total orgasm is usually more intense and lasts longer than other types of male orgasm. 


Intense orgasm

Yes, it is true that any male or female orgasm is intense, but the so-called intense orgasm is the result, in most cases, of some knowledge of the cause that leads the man to put into practice, during sex, tricks or secrets that will increase your sense of pleasure at the climax (let alone take a deep breath when you're almost there).


Fast orgasm

The fast orgasm, as the name implies, is fast. It usually happens at the beginning of sexual life when the practice of sex is still a novelty and the young person is unable to “hold on”, but it can also happen in cases of premature ejaculation that, if not treated, will last for life.

Of course, the issue here is not so much to count the time it takes to reach orgasm, but to see if you have the feeling that it was too fast.

If so, it is because sexual arousal peaked in three stages and resulted in a rapid orgasm, which is also very common in men: there is an average that speaks in 15 minutes, but the time varies from person to person. for person, very much according to the disposition, age and maturity of the affective relationship.


Anal orgasm

Anal orgasm is a type of male orgasm caused by direct stimulation in the anus (at its nerve endings), either by penetration or anal sex, or with the help of a finger or an erotic toy. To achieve this type of orgasm it is important to work on the foreplay to promote relaxation in the region and, if necessary, use a lubricating product.


Prostate orgasm

Prostate orgasm can only be achieved in one way: by stimulating the G-spot.

What is it? It is an area full of nerve endings, located in the prostate and through which it is accessed through the anus (approximately two centimeters upwards).

It is a small gland between the base of the penis and the rectum (equivalent to the G-spot for women), which is usually a center of total pleasure for men, whose stimulation results in long and intense orgasms that do not even need stimulation. penile… although they require more time and energy!

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