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A Guide to a Spicy Massage

A spicy massage is an essential element for the sexual communication between a couple. While a relax massage is ideal for combating stress, anxiety and muscle tension, the spicy massage takes you to a higher level as it allows the couple to be stimulated through touch.

For the couple to get total satisfaction through the spicy massage, it is necessary to follow the following massage tips:


The beginning of total pleasure

First, if you plan to perform a spicy massage on your partner, choose a day and time when you will not be bothered by anything or anyone. If you have children, ask your parents or neighbors to stay with them so they will not be interrupted in the process of starting the massage.

After choosing the day and time, it is time to choose the location where the massage will be performed. The selected division should not contain any source of distraction.


The location of the massage

If the place to perform the massage is a bed, a massage table or the floor, it is important to make sure it will be comfortable for your partner. Keep some towels and pillows clean, to support the neck and knee.

For a romantic and sensual environment, the first step is to dim the lights or close them down completely. Choose to use scented candles to create a sensual mood. If you want to add a song to this scene, opt for a romantic song.


An oil to spice up the massage

To perform this hot massage you must use massage oil, so it is important that you use towels and sheets that do not matter that they get stained. When applying the oil, apply it first to your hands and rub it to warm it up.

Now that you know our suggestions, give wings to your imagination and let the wishes come into play. Add aphrodisiac liquors that bring you more pleasure, add sexual props or whatever you like.

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