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When we talk about yoni, we refer to the female sexual organ. Originally, Yoni, means "source of life" or "sacred temple", is the symbol of female energy.

Ideal for increasing sexual awareness, rejuvenation of the mind and body, sensitization of the genital and clitoral area.


Yoni: Relaxing Massage for Women

This massage for women seeks for self-knowledge. It is intended that the woman relax, try new sensations to increase the intimacy.

The yoni massage is ideal for women who want to get to know their body better, overcome sexual barriers and reach unknown levels of pleasure.


Benefits of Yoni Massage

By toning the vaginal muscles and surrounding area, this relaxing massage provides unlocking, self-awareness, relaxation and pleasure, which goes far beyond a common sexual experience.

In addition, yoni massage contributes to intensification in the production of hormones essential for libido and self esteem.


4 Steps to a Yoni Massage

1 - Slight pressure is applied to the groin and pelvis area, which creates a sense of relaxation and pleasure, with the purpose of stimulating female natural lubrication.

2- After the first step, the woman already feels more stimulated and this is where the yoni is massaged gently.

3- When the woman is ready, it begins to touch on key points like the G point to relieve existing blocks.

4- At the end of the relaxing massage, the woman feels complete, with a sense of well-being.