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Parlor Massage in Lisbon

If looking for a unique moment of relaxation and pleasure is in the right article! It is not difficult to find a Parlor Massage in Lisbon, difficult is to resist it. In between! Read on and realize what a massage home can do for your happiness.

The Parlor Massage in Lisbon has remote roots echoing in Greek and Egyptian culture but also in India where it is presumed to have begun to take pleasure in erotic massages with essential oils around the first century AD.

It is true that the massage house took longer to be considered not only a place of pleasure but also a place of therapy for the well-being of the individual, but it got there!

So much that today is much appreciated and recognized by all types of men and women.

Over time, the techniques have also been improving, of course, and discovering new points if pleasure and intensifying products like gels elaborated specifically for an erotic massage or tantric therapy.

A fundamental technique to release the sexual tension and that in a massage home in Lisbon or in the Lisbon Parlor Massage place should not be associated (only) with sex. It is true that anyone who has not tried is in doubt about the benefits of this therapy, but anyone who has gone through a massage home knows that the results are (at least) rejuvenating!

An exciting massage done by an erotic massage therapist is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, promote balance and well-being, get to know the body, explore sensations, activate erogenous points, stop sexual blockages, boost multiple orgasms, help in erection control and even enhance the intimate relationship between couples!

If you are looking for massages in Lisbon, do not hesitate to visit a Tantric Genuine: exciting massages in the city center!

Erotic Massage in Lisbon

There are different types of erotic massage in Lisbon. So, before marking a spicy massage, you should know the different techniques and results according to this list with the main massages in Lisbon:



Tantric massage is an exciting massage done throughout the body, including touches on the genitals to redistribute sexual energies, arouse sensitivity and provide pleasure.

Unlike a classic massage that is stimulated by the muscles and tendons, tantric hot massage is intended to stimulate the sensory channels of the entire body, not to relax the muscles but to put the senses on the red alert.

Still, it is a therapy, it does not involve masturbation, although the orgasm may occur.


Body to body

Body-to-body massage involves, as the name implies, two bodies.

It is performed with an erotic massage therapist to slide her body sensually on the client's body - with the help of her own oil - to stimulate and awaken the most sensitive areas to relieve tension and promote a sense of joy .



The lingam massage is exclusive for men as it is an erotic massage on the penis.

Contrary to what one might think, the goal is not ejaculation, but the possibility of allowing the client to enjoy a form of pleasure that he did not know, to release tensions and to increase the orgastic capacity. All in a real erotic trance.



The yoni massage, for its part, is intended only for women, particularly those who have difficulty achieving orgasm, since this technique shows the full potential of the female, leading the client to deep self-knowledge.

Consequently, the exciting massage yoni promotes relaxation, inhibits restraint and leads to a luxuriant sexual experience.



Nuru massage is a body-to-body therapy that is distinguished from other similar erotic massages by using a very slippery lotion: Nuru gel, essentially composed of marine algae with therapeutic and relaxing effects that allow bodies to glide better.

In addition, the spicy nuru massage is bidirectional, that is, it allows the client to also apply the gel on the masseur's body.


Massage for couples

And if you are looking for massages in Lisbon you will discover that it is also possible to experience this experience for two. This therapy aims to bring the couple together, awakening them for sharing, for pleasure and for new experiences.


House of Massage Parlor in Lisbon

And finally, let us introduce you to two of the best Parlor Massages centers in Lisbon: the Genuine Tantric Chiado and the Genuine Tantric Saldanha.

Both in the heart of the city. Both feature a cozy yet refined and sensual atmosphere.

And in both you can enjoy a series of massages: from erotic massages to sporting and relaxing massages!

Alone or with company, do not hesitate to mark an experience with an erotic massage therapist in a massage house in Lisbon specialized in erotic therapies and massages, to experience a degree of sensuality and eroticism unique and unforgettable.